TI InstaSPIN™ Motor Control Solutions

Breakthrough motor control technology is here!
With premium control in all three phase variable speed, variable load applications

Control any three-phase motor quickly and easily with TI's InstaSPIN technology - no motor datasheet required

TI InstaSPIN™ sensorless, three-phase motor solutions makes designing motor control applications easier whether you have a simple application or a complex design.

TI InstaSPIN-enabled C2000™ MCUs

Which MCU is right for your design? Choose between package size, flash, clock speed, and key peripherals.

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Motion for Many

The newest LaunchPad lets you leverage the InstaSPIN™ family of solutions for field oriented torque, velocity, or servo position control. Identify, tune and control in just minutes.

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TI InstaSPIN-enabled applications using C2000™ MCUs

See what applications designers are using InstaSPIN motor control technology for to reduce development time and improve energy efficiency.


Compare InstaSPIN Solutions

Control technique & motor support Required feedback Motor parameters Key features TI supported devices  
Accurate speed and position using SpinTAC™ and FAST software encoder (observer) or rotor sensor for ACI, PMSM, IPM, and BLDC Voltage and Current (2-3 shunt or phase) Single variable speed/position loop tuning – tune your motor in minutes.
  • Robust speed and position control
  • Cancels disturbances before they happen
  • Sustains performance across different speeds, positions and changing dynamics
  • Trapezoidal, S-curve, ST-curve Motion Profile Generation
Piccolo F28069M, F28068M, F28054M, F28052M Learn more
FOC torque controller using TI's FAST software encoder (observer) for ACI, PMSM, IPM, BLDC   Voltage and Current (2-3 shunt or phase) Motor parameters automatically identified  
  • Automatic current loop tuning
  • Full torque start-up
  • Stable at and through 0 speed
  • Max Torque Per Amp
  • ACI PowerWarp™
  • Enhanced start-up, zero and slow speed capability with Initial Position Detection (IPD) by High Frequency Injection (HFI)
Piccolo F28069F, F28068F, F28062F, F28054F, F28052F, F28027F, F28026F Learn more
Trapezoidal Commutation for BLDC Simple Voltage Bemf, Current optional for torque control None required
  • Robust start-up
  • Simple tuning
  • Easily add speed or current control




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