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Our design and development ecosystem can help simplify your design process. Explore design options and find resources for automotive mmWave radar sensors to help make it easier for you to get to market.

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Whether you already know your specific performance requirements or are still investigating, we can help find the best option for your application. To learn more about typical mmWave applications, explore our applications-specific resources.

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Once suitable hardware platforms are identified, use the below information to determine which TI offerings best fit your needs and finalize your platform selection. We provide a broad selection of hardware, tools and associated software supporting a range of applications and engineering efforts. These can be used as the basis for your evaluation and beyond for development as well. 

User's Guide
EVM antenna (Azimuth, elevation)
60 GHz In cabin radar-front mount AWR6843ISK ±60, ±15 User's guide for AWR6843ISK Occupant detection
60 GHz In cabin radar-overhead mount AWR6843AOPEVM ±60, ±60 User's guide for AWR6843AOPEVM Occupant detection
60 GHz In cabin radar-gesture detection AWR6843AOPEVM ±60, ±60 User's guide for AWR6843AOPEVM Gesture detection
77 GHz Corner radar AWR1843BOOST ±60, ±15 User's guide for AWR1843BOOST MRR beam steering
77 GHz Corner radar AWR2944EVM ±30, ±5 User's guide for AWR2944EVM Hgh end corner radar
77 GHz Front radar AWR2243BOOST ±60, ±15 User's guide for AWR2243BOOST
77 GHz Door and trunk obstable detection AWR1843AOPEVM ±70, ±70 User's guide for AWR1843AOPEVM Obstacle detection with AoP
77 GHz Automated parking AWR1843AOPEVM ±70, ±70 User's guide for AWR1843AOPEVM Automated parking


Simplify your development tasks, and accelerate your time-to-market with our proven hardware, software tools, along with many examples we provide in our toolbox. Everything you need for supporting in-house development to move forward to production is at your fingertips. We are here to help you navigate the mmWave radar development process by offering you key supporting information for each of these phases. 

General development resources

Hardware development resources

References and tools
Design checklist Find detailed hardware design information & guidelines.
Hardware desgin checklist
Guide Gain insight into mmWave radar RF design. This is very useful for engineers that are not experienced with RF PCB design.
Design, manufacturing & validation guide
Device models Find simulation model(s) for selected device.

AWR1843 models

AWR2243 models

AWR1642 models

AWR6843 models

AWR2944 models

Database Find existing antenna designs/sources.
TIREX antenna database
Application note Learn power optimization methods.
Power management optimizations application note
Application note Find requirements for compliance to regulatory standards for mmWave radar sensor devices. Emissions and regulatory compliance
Application note Find generic requirements and set up process of radar testing. Production testing overview
User's guide Learn about the radar hardware accelerator architecture and features. Radar hardware accelerator
Application note Learn more about thermal designs for antenna-on-package (AoP) mmWave radar sensors.  Thermal design guide for antenna-on-package mmWave radar sensors
Application note Learn more about how to mitigate interference between different radars, or avoid it altogether. Interference mitigation for AWR/IWR devices 

Software development resources

References and tools
Software development kit (SDK) Refer to this software foundation for use or changes to desired peripheral interface.
mmWave SDK
TI designs Find proven automotive mmWave radar system designs.
TI reference designs
Software examples Find application-specific software examples.  In cabin and ADAS software examples
Online estimator Enables rapid prototyping by using real-time feedback based on scene parameters and mmWave radar chirp configurations.
mmWave sensing estimator
Application note Learn more about self-calibration for mmWave radar sensors.
Calibration of radar sensors
Application note Learn how to select the correct chirp parameters based on the intended use case.
Programming Chirp Parameters

Third-party development

Third-party companies provide radar expertise in hardware and software including production ready turn-key solutions, radio frequency (RF) hardware and antenna design, radar algorithms, embedded software development and more. Find the right partner to address your design needs. 


As you finalize your design and prepare to bring it to market, we are committed to delivering the resources you need to ensure you get to market quickly and smoothly. No matter your challenge, we are here to support you through your final development phase, through production ramp and into mass production. 

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