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SimpleLink wired MCUs – Applications

Industrial systems are becoming more connected and autonomous, driving more sensing, processing, and connectivity capabilities into end nodes. The SimpleLink MSP432 MCUs offer an uncompromised combination of high-precision analog, more performance at lower power, and optimized wireless host functionality.

factory automation

Factory automation & control

Factories have seen an infrastructure upgrade driven by the Industry 4.0 or Industrial IoT trends.  This can clearly be seen in intelligent end nodes applications such as condition monitoring for predictive maintenance or smart sensing in field transmitters.

Condition Monitoring & Field Transmitters

The SimpleLink™ MSP432 with precision ADC offers the best condition monitoring and sensing platform to capture sensor data more accurately, analyze data more efficiently, communicate more easily and ultimately make smarter decisions quickly. 

The benefits of using the SimpleLink™ MSP432 for condition monitoring are:

  • Lower system cost (>20%) by leveraging integrated high ( > 14-bit) precision ADC
  • Measuring of wide bandwidth signals from multiple sources with 1MSPS ADC
  • Energy efficient processing in the edge node with DSP libraries
  • Several memory options (up to 2MB) for storing and processing sensor data
  • Wired and wireless communication options supported by the SimpleLink SDK

Explore how the precision ADC can be used in low-power and performance mode in the Smart Factories:

To easily add wireless connectivity in your factory automation applications with the same code base, visit SimpleLink Platform applications.

Here are some examples of how the MSP432 can help differentiate your applications in these areas:

Building automation

With MSP432 MCU and the SimpleLink Platform, you can capture analog data more accurately, analyze data more efficiently, make smarter decisions quickly, and effortlessly add a number of wireless connectivity options for a wide range of Building Automation applications without compromising the power.


Building Security System

The SimpleLink MSP432 MCU offers a broad Arm Cortex-M MCU with several features to help you design and differentiate your Building Security System products, from advanced electronic lock with robust capacitive touch technology, high-precision sensor nodes such as Glass Break Detector or environmental sensors, to highly connected building security gateway with integrated cloud connectivity.

  • 16-bit precision ADC to add high precision sensing and measurement for the glass break, voice activity, PIR, environmental sensor nodes.
  • Best in class low power modes and features enable 10+ years battery life on coin cell
  • Scalable network that supports up to thousands of devices from a single Ethernet gateway
  • Design new Security systems or retrofit existing systems by merging the world of wired and wireless connectivity with MSP432E4 Ethernet MCU and SimpleLink wireless Plugins.
  • Royalty free software solution based on 802.15.4e/g standard with built in security
  • Cloud services integration with solutions from a number of IoT partners

To expand your building security system using the same code base, visit SimpleLink Platform applications

Grid infrastructure 

Utility grids continues to become smarter- delivering improved efficiency, connectivity, and reliability. The SimpleLink MSP432 ARM Cortex-M4F family offers a scalable smart metering host platform for energy and flow meters and grid communication or protections applications such as fault indicators or data concentrators.    

  • 16-bit precision SAR ADC to add high precision sensing  
  • Best in class low power modes and features enable 10+ years battery life
  • Pin-to-Pin scalability up to 2MB Flash and 256kB RAM
  • Integrated 320-Segment LCD Driver
  • Support up to 125C Tj 

To easily add wireless connectivity in your grid application with the same code base, visit SimpleLink Platform applications.

Learn how MSP432 MCU can help differentiate your applications in the following areas.