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Innovative, affordable wireless solutions for an ever-evolving connected world

Choosing the right wireless technology is critical, and we are here to help. With more than 20 years of experience, we are improving connectivity protocols including Wi-Fi®, Bluetooth®, Sub-1 GHz, Zigbee® and more. We offer a portfolio of affordable, quality and low-power wireless microcontrollers (MCUs), certified modules and transceivers along with complete software offerings to fit any RF design need. Pick your protocol to get started on your next IoT connected project.  


Use Bluetooth, a low-power wireless standard, to easily connect any product to smartphones or tablets. 


Create reliable Wi-Fi-connected products with security features, Bluetooth coexistence, dual-band,  low power options and more for your MCU or processor-based system. 

Sub-1 GHz

Connect long-range, low-power devices using software solutions from simple star to wide area networks with Wireless M-BUS, MIOTY, 6LoWPAN, IEEE 802.15.4g and proprietary protocols.


Add robust, low-power mesh networks with Zigbee for smart homes and buildings.


Elevate your design by adding Bluetooth Low Energy to an existing Sub-1 GHz or 2.4-GHz network with multi-protocol devices.


Build a resilient standards-based mesh network leveraging Sub-1 GHz connectivity for applications that need high data throughput and low latency.


Use an IP-based, low-power wireless mesh network with Thread for home and building automation.

Wireless BMS

Replace cables and connectors in your electric vehicle battery with our proprietary wireless protocol that features a network restart of 300 mSec.


Start your IoT device with Matter, the foundation for connected things which provides a simple, reliable and secure way to connect multiple smart devices.

Other wireless technologies

Discover the highly differentiated proprietary 2.4-GHz, NFC, RFID and RF4CE product portfolios.

Why choose TI for wireless connectivity?

We are experts in wireless connectivity, and we are here to help by:  

  • Empowering engineers to integrate wireless functionality through innovations such as protocol standardization, crystal-less MCUs and advanced security features.
  • Offering a broad, affordable and proven portfolio of transceivers, wireless MCUs and certified modules.
  • Guiding your selection of the right wireless technology to fit your application with intuitive development tools and resources. 

SimpleLink™ wireless MCU platform

The SimpleLink™ wireless MCU platform offers: 
  • Unified platform: The broadest portfolio of wireless Arm®-based MCUs with low power, advanced security features and support for a range of connectivity protocols.
  • 100% code portability: Hardware and software tools with device code portability and a complete set of validated, fully documented drivers and stacks.
  • Security from the edge to the cloud: Sophisticated security features specifically designed for IoT devices. 
  • Low-power performance: Expertise in low-power RF for any power constraint.


Learn more with wireless connectivity 


From low-cost development boards ideal for evaluation and prototyping to full reference designs, you can use these resources to start your design process quickly.

Connect series

Our Connect video series features expert talks, hands-on demos, new connectivity product previews, training and more. You can either watch the video series or listen to our podcast. 

Interactive connectivity training experience

Get started on your wireless connectivity project with SimpleLink™ Academy, a series of hands-on, interactive training modules.