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SimpleLink™ solutions - development tools

Deep dive into the tools and development kits of the SimpleLinkTM MCUs

Starting from evaluation to prototyping to development and optimization, the SimpleLink™ platform offers simple yet powerful hardware and software tools that enable you to ramp up quickly based on your customer needs. You only need to learn one unified, consistent development platform regardless of the SimpleLink MCU you’re using. 

Create secure, low-power, multi-band sensor networks in minutes

As part of the SimpleLink platform, you have access to a wide array of hardware tools, including our TI LaunchPad Development Kit, and our newly available LaunchPad SensorTag Kit. At the heart of each kit is a SimpleLink MCU, but each kit is tailored for different aspects of development to give you the right set of tools for their desired use-case. You will be well-equipped to create brand new connected applications, test out different protocol stacks & more.


Create star topologies with Sub-1GHz and/or Bluetooth Low Energy


Create mesh topologies with ZigBee and OpenThread


Get started with the right hardware for your system:

LaunchPad Development Kits


These open-ended hardware development platforms offer you unrestricted development access to SimpleLink MCUs & can be used as a blank slate for creating the next big thing. The open-ended nature of the LaunchPad development kit allows you to focus in & optimize their custom design.

Key features:

  • On-board debugger/programmer with EnergyTrace
  • USB-powered
  • Available for all SimpleLink Product Families
  • User LEDs & Pushbuttons on-board
  • Access to all MCU pins
  • BoosterPack-compatible

Available from $39 to $59

LaunchPad Development Kits are available for all SimpleLink MCU families

LaunchPad SensorTag Kits

lpstk board shot

This fully-enclosed, battery-operated wireless prototyping platform features ready-to-go hardware. You can jumpstart your development with out-of-the-box battery-operation & on-board sensors. These allow you to easily deploy a complete sensor network to stress test protocol stacks & performance.

Key features:

  • Battery-operated with removable enclosure
  • On-board sensors (temperature, humidity, hall effect, light, motion)
  • Featuring SimpleLink CC1352R Multi-Band MCU
  • User LEDs & Pushbuttons on-board
  • Access to all MCU pins
  • BoosterPack-compatible

LaunchPad SensorTag Kit (code "LPSTK") is only available for SimpleLink CC1352R MCU

SimpleLink LaunchPad Development Kits in action

Our SimpleLink MCU LaunchPad Development Kits demonstrating a live use case for Intelligent factory automation and a smart home control system.

Resource explorer

All of your development needs in one place   

  • Cloud-enabled repository offering one-click access to all the development resources you need   
  • Quickly filter through training, software, documentation, demos & more that correspond to your device   
  • Integration with our IDEs and 3rd party IDEs offers one-click code example import to speed up development
TI Resource Explorer interface

Integration with cloud tools

  • Import SDK examples into CCS Cloud, a powerful, browser-based IDE   
  • Edit, build, debug and flash your LaunchPad kit in your favorite web browser
  • Migrate your CCS Cloud project to the desktop CCS IDE for further optimization
SimpleLink integration with cloud tools diagram

Code Composer Studio™ IDE

  • Import SDK code examples directly into industry-leading, integrated development environment (IDE)
  • Includes an optimizing C/C++ compiler, source code editor, project build environment, debugger, profiler, and many other features   
  • Based on the Eclipse open source development environment
Code Composer Studio

Arduino support with Energia

Many SimpleLink MCUs are supported by Energia, a fork of the Arduino/Wiring framework. Energia offers high software abstraction built on top of the SimpleLink SDK that provides easy APIs ideal for rapid prototyping.  Based on Arduino and Wiring framework and allows easy reuse of existing Arduino libraries.  Energia introduces multitasking support through integration with TI-RTOS, allowing developers to run multiple Energia sketches in parallel includes a simple IDE for editing & flashing code.

Energia logo