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High-precision ADC

Capture signals with a high precision SAR analog-to-digital converter and accelerate advanced algorithms with 32-bit floating-point CPU and DSP extension

  • Up to 16 ENOB with oversampling
  • 13.2 ENOB native
  • Up to 1 MSPS

Ultra-low power

Increase performance at lowest system power with an ultra-low-power MCU with 48MHz Arm® Cortex®-M4F CPU

  • Starting at 80uA/MHz in active power
  • Down to 660nA in RTC standby power
  • Low-power ADC with 400uA at 1 Msps

100% code reuse

Create smart sensor nodes leveraging the same code base on the SimpleLink™ MCU single development environment

  • 100% code reuse across SimpleLink Platform
  • SimpleLink Academy helps developers ramp quickly

MSP432P4 high-precision ADC MCUs

The high-precision MSP432P4 MCUs offer an 8x scalable memory footprint (128kB-2MB) with pin-to-pin compatibility, a range of packages available, LCD support and extended temperature range options.  Leverage the high-precision SAR-based ADC to design sensor nodes capable of measuring precise signals from a variety of sensor technologies at high sampling rate for applications such as vibration condition monitoring, motor/pump vibration analysis, glass break detector, field transmitters, and more. 

MSP432P4 portfolio image

Most accurate measurements with up to 16-bits of resolution

The 16-bit precision SAR ADC integrated in MSP432P4 MCUs supports high-performance analog-to-digital conversions at up to 1Msps and up to 16 ENOB. The module is built around a 14-bit SAR core. It supports:

  • Differential and single-ended inputs
  • Direct data transfer using DMA
  • Sample select control
  • Reference generator
  • Two window comparators
  • Software oversampling 

The combination of 16-bit precision, ultra-low sampling current and the integrated 8ch DMA makes the MSP432P4 the ideal solution for both high performance and low power applications.

High-precision ADC for motor condition monitoring

The MSP432™ MCU and its high-precision ADC can be used in non-invasive and non-disruptive method to monitor and assess motor health and includes both the analog front end (AFE) as well as the embedded application. Altogether, the solution enables prediction of future motor faults failure with a high level of precision processing and ultra-low-power consumption.