TI AWR mmWave sensors

Highly precise automotive radar sensors for analyzing dynamic operating conditions

High resolution

Highly accurate

Less than 5 cm resolution accuracy, range detection to hundreds of meters and velocity of up to 300Km/h

Versatile intelligence

Versatile intelligence

Detect changing operating conditions and adapt to dynamic driving scenarios on the fly

Smallest footprint

Shrink your design

CMOS single-chip sensor integrating best-in-class DSP and MCU in automotive friendly package

AWR1243 AWR1443 AWR1642

High performance radar front end

Ultra high resolution single chip radar

Small, low power single chip radar

Frequency 76-81GHz 76-81GHz 76-81GHz
Number of receivers 4 4 4
Number of transmitters 3 3 2
Max sampling rate 37.5 Msps 12.5 Msps 12.5 Msps
IF bandwidth 15 MHz 5 MHz 5 MHz
Processing   ARM Cortex-R4F 200MHz
Radar hardware accelerator - FFT
ARM Cortex R4F 200MHz
C674x DSP 600MHz
Memory   576KB 1.5MB
Interfaces MIPI CSI2
RF bandwidth 4 GHz 4 GHz 4 GHz

Delivering high-accuracy results in automotive applications

TI's AWR family of mmWave sensors enables automotive applications ranging from proximity sensing, ultra-short and short range to front long range radar.

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