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Fixed Current Limited Switch

Texas Instruments USB Fixed & Adjustable Current Limit products are part of TI's PCMCIA and USB power distribution protection circuit portfolio. These voltage regulators efficiently manage power to 2 or 4 USB ports in portable electronics and computing applications.

Use the parametric search, download datasheets and application notes, order samples and evaluation modules, and use TI's fast, easy-to-use design tools to get started today. You can also download TI's USB Power Switch and Charging Port Controller Selector Guide.

  • A Power-Distribution Switch With Latched Over-Current Protection (Rev. A) (slva282a.HTM, 8 KB)
    03 Jul 2007 Abstract
  • Designing a USB Power Distribution Using TPS2014 & TPS2015 Power Distribu Switch (Rev. A) (slva037a.HTM, 9 KB)
    15 Feb 2005 Abstract