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Delivering low gate charge and resistance for fast switching transistors

TI’s NexFET™ power MOSFETs offer a wide range of n-channel and p-channel power modules and discrete power supply solutions. Our highly-integrated MOSFETs support greater efficiencies, extended battery life, higher power density and higher frequencies for fast switching. These benefits provide design flexibility in small form factors and enable design engineers to reduce time to market.

N-channel MOSFET transistor

We offer robust n-channel devices with class leading resistance and gate charge enabling high frequency operation and higher power density.

P-channel MOSFET transistor

Our p-channel devices deliver industry best power density and smallest footprints as well as easy to drive low gate charge.

Power stage MOSFET

Power stage combines integrated driver IC, optimized control and synchronous FETs while leveraging PowerStack™ packing technology to eliminate parasitics, reduce switching losses and achieve the highest efficiencies possible.

Power block MOSFET

Power blocks combine optimized control and synchronous FETs while leveraging PowerStack™ packing technology to eliminate parasitics and achieve high efficiency and switching frequencies.

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MOSFET technical articles

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