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LCD & OLED display power & drivers

Helping you achieve the best image quality with the smallest solution size

Our display power portfolio includes LCD display bias, level shifters, and gamma buffers and OLED power supplies. These devices enable ultra-high efficiency while minimizing power losses and helping you achieve the best picture quality in personal electronics, industrial and automotive applications.

AMOLED bias supplies

AMOLED bias supplies are designed to excel in contrast ratio and color gamut while maintaining efficiency. The devices cover screen sizes from 1-inch wearable solutions to notebook panels.

LCD bias supplies

LCD bias supply solutions provide essential rails such as AVDD, +/-AVDD, VGH and VGL to supply the gate and source drivers of the display panel. Other features such as VCOM, gamma-buffer and additional rails can be integrated.

LCD level shifters

Level shifters support gate-in-panel (GIP) display technologies, which are typically more cost-efficient and enable narrower screen bezels than non-GIP displays.

LCD gamma & VCOM buffers

Programmable gamma buffers shape a display's color curve for more accurate color reproduction.

Featured products


Split-Rail Converter for bipolar source drivers (+/-AVDD) in smartphone and tablet size LCD Displays


2-Input, 18-Channel Configurable Level Shifter with OCP for GOA/GIP Displays


3-CH LCD Bias w/ GPM, VCOM Buffer & Gate Driver for Isolation Switch


16-CH Gamma-Voltage Generator and VCOM Calibrator with Integrated Two-Bank Memory

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