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Power sequencing is an essential part of any design, especially in complex systems that utilize multiple power rails. High-performance processing devices such as FPGAs, ASICs, PLDs, DSPs and microcontrollers, require multiple voltage rails to power internal circuitry, such as the core, memory and I/O. These types of applications demand very specific voltage rail power-up and power-down sequencing and supervising to achieve reliable operation, better efficiency and overall system health.

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Analog power-supply sequencers

Simple power-supply sequencing to power up and power down with ease.

Digital power-supply sequencers

Flexible sequencing to configure, control and monitor. Our digital power-supply sequencers offer the benefits of PMBus and digital power without changing your power tree.

Design & development resources

Application software & framework
Digital Power Software

Fusion Digital Power™ graphical user interface (GUI) software is used to configure and monitor select Texas Instruments digital power controllers and sequencer/health monitors. The application uses the PMBus protocol to communicate with the device over serial bus by way of a TI USB adapter.

Evaluation board
Evaluation Module for UCD9090 10-Channel Sequencer and System Health Monitor
The UCD90SEQ48EVM-560 (EVM) is a fully assembled and tested circuit with a 48-pin socket and interface circuitry. The EVM allows system level development using the UCD9090RGZ 10-Channel Sequencer and System Health Monitor. A USB cable is included to connect the EVM to the PC operating the EVM GUI.
Evaluation board
Evaluation Module for UCD90xxx 64-pin Sequencer and System Health Monitor

The UCD90SEQ64EVM-650 is a fully assembled and tested circuit for evaluating the 64-pin Sequencer and System Health Controller, including the UCD90120, UCD90124, UCD90120A, UCD90124A, UCD90910 and UCD90160.

Reference designs related to Sequencers

Use our reference design selection tool to find designs that best match your application and parameters.

TPS38700 NEW

Power-supply sequencer with I²C support for up to 12 channels

Approx. price (USD) 1ku | 2.2

Why choose our analog & digital power-supply sequencers 


Analog sequencers

The LM388x family of analog power-supply sequencers are simple and easy to power-up and power-down sequence of multiple power rails. Factory preset and user-programmable versions are available.


Digital sequencers

The UCD90x family of digital power-supply sequencers with system health monitors provides a comprehensive solution for power systems. Includes the Fusion Digital Power™ graphical user interface (GUI).

Technical resources

How to design with PMBus Sequencers- Controllers and Digital Systems
Do you need to monitor multiple power rails on your board? Do you need to tweak power sequencing without hardware changes? Do you need to improve product reliability? Watch the video to learn how with our PMBus sequencers. 
UCD90x: Getting started with the Fusion Digital Power™ graphical user interface (GUI)
The Fusion Digital Power™ GUI allows users to configure and monitor our familes of TPS404x, TPS5x, and UCD90x sequencers. This video shows how to set up the UCD90x EVMs and get started with the Fusion Digital Power GUI.
Analog Design Journal
Analog Design Journal
Power-supply sequencing for FPGAs
Read more on why power-supply sequencing is an important aspect to consider when designing with a field-programmable gate array (FPGA).
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