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Power over Ethernet (PoE) solutions

PSEs and PDs for PoE design interoperability and flexibility

Our Power over Ethernet (PoE) ICs offer high interoperability, reliability, convenience, and complete system solutions to those wanting to easily deliver power through Ethernet cables. In addition to offering a portfolio of interoperable powered devices (PD) and power sourcing equipment (PSE) controllers, we are pleased to offer a configurable FirmPSE system firmware solution. Working together, they provide IEEE 802.3bt Gen 2 (PoE 2) logo-ready solutions for complex multi-port (24-/48-channel) designs. Examples of new emerging PoE applications include professional audio, digital signage, 5G small cell radio units, industrial access control, and connected lighting.

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Get a head start on learning PoE technology with the below resources from our PoE experts. Learn at your own pace with our chapter-style training page, where you can explore the fundamentals of PoE or dive into more advanced IEEE 802.3bt concepts.

PoE powered devices (PD)

A PD-only device manages and protects the PoE power system at the load, Vin=Vout. A PD + DC/DC does all that and performs the DC/DC conversion to provide the required load voltages.

PoE power sourcing equipment (PSE)

PSE devices protect and manage the power as it is being put into the CAT-5 cable. Classification, identification, and overload protection are among the standard functions.

Featured design resources

Ethernet Alliance Logo

Ethernet Alliance (EA) certified designs

We have many Gen 1 EA logo designs and was the first IC supplier to receive a GEN 1 EA logo. We will have Gen 2 Class 1-8 EA logo designs once the Gen 2 test suite (in development) is complete.

Designs & software

View our entire library of tested power over Ethernet reference designs, as well as the software and reference code for PSE systems.

Key reference designs

End-to-end IEEE 802.3bt-ready portfolio


8-channel (PoE 2, 4-pair) PSE controller with SRAM and 200mΩ Rsense


High power Type 3 or 4 (PoE 2) PD interface with automatic maintain power signature and auto class


High power PD interface for Type 3 or Type 4 (PoE 2) with advanced startup for DC-DC