Power Management

USB Power and Charging Port Controllers

TI’s USB Type-A and USB Type-C compliant power and charging port controllers provide efficient, accurate solutions.

USB Type-C & Power Delivery

End-to-end USB Type-C solutions enabling power delivery, data and video transfer.

Fixed current limit switch

USB Type-A fixed current limit switches are commonly used in various applications worldwide. With more than 100 devices in our portfolio, you can feel confident we have a device for your application.

Precision adjustable limit switch

USB Type-A devices with accurate, adjustable current limits and low resistance for demanding system requirements.

USB Charging port controllers

USB Type-A protection and USB dataline BC1.2 handshaking enables charging for popular handheld devices

Switch with boost converter

USB Type-A switches with a boost/buck to create compliant 5-V USB power from 1.8 to 5.25-V sources.

Switch with LDO

Typically with 4 ports of control, these integrated switches have an internal LDO to provide power to a USB Type-A hub.