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Get to know AWR mmWave Sensors

Get to know AWR mmWave Sensors

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Advanced development

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Get to know AWR mmWave Sensors

AWR1x architecture

AWR1x device architecture goes beyond the RF/analog subsystem, integrating a radio processor and master subsystems, offering customers an access to robust portfolio of AWR1x devices scaling from high performance radar front-end to ultra-high resolution, low power and small single chip radar. Based on FMCW technique, the portfolio adopts complex baseband architecture, delivering several advantages – relaxed board routing requirements, accurate estimation of close-in objects and bumper reflections, interference detection and suppression and better noise figure performance.


Technology differentiation

Built with the low power 45nm RFCMOS technology, the AWR1 portfolio enables unprecedented levels of integration to a small form factor delivered in automotive-friendly package. Closed loop PLL delivering the most precise (0.001%) and linear chirp synthesis 4GHz of single sweep RF bandwidth delivering ultra-high resolution (4cm). Built-in radio processor for intelligent self-monitoring and calibration. 15MHz of IF bandwidth leading to less ambiguity with detection and enabling 300km/h max relative velocity detection. Built-in cascade features delivering less than 1° angular accuracy

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RF evaluation

Evaluation of AWR1x RF/analog subsystem is enabled by the full featured evaluation platform and a flexible mmWave studio tool. The mmWave studio is a PC-based configuration and evaluation tool to visualize object range, velocity and angle. RF and thermal models enable signal path design and analysis. Hardware design
Get started quickly with your hardware design leveraging the AWR1x reference schematics and design files.

Application design

TI provides a framework and device driver adaptation for your application design using mmWave SDK. In addition TI provides ISO 26262 enabled device firmware package (DFP) for the configuration and control of RF/analog subsystem. Further, TI provides optimized signal processing libraries for the automotive radar processing chain.

Advanced development

Be inspired by designs

Optimized application designs based on the full-featured AWR1x evaluation boards include reference schematics, design files, radar processing chain and key benchmarks.

Short range radar reference design using AWR1642 evaluation board

This TI design provides an optimized software processing chain and algorithms for AWR1642 single chip radar. This design enables automotive radar system designers to get maximum performance and accelerate the development and time to market.

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