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Start development with our spectroscopy & optical networking products

Our design and development ecosystem can help simplify your design process. Explore design options and find resources for DLP technology-based spectroscopy and optical networking to help make it easier for you to get to market.

Investigate & find the right device

Whether you already know your specific performance requirements or are still investigating, we can help find the best option for your application. To learn more about typical display and projection applications, explore our applications-specific resources.

Easily explore spectroscopy and optical networking products foundational concepts


Once suitable hardware platforms are identified, use the below information to determine which TI offerings best fit your needs and finalize your platform selection. We provide a broad selection of hardware, tools and associated software supporting a range of applications and engineering efforts. These can be used as the basis for your evaluation and beyond for development as well. 

Step 1 of evaluation: select your hardware

Start evaluating our spectroscopy and optical networking products portfolio by leveraging the following resources. 

Evaluation module
Typical applications
Illumination wavelength (nm)
Display resolution (Max)
Array diagonal (in)
Controller evaluation module
Reference design
spectral scanning
900 - 1700 0.4 0.2 N/A TIDA-00554
spectral scanning
1350 - 2490 1.0 0.45 N/A TIDA-00155

Step 2 of evaluation: download & set up software

DLPC150 firmware DLPC150 This is the DLPC150 configuration and support firmware.
DLP NIRscan nano GUI DLPC150 This is the graphical user interface (GUI) for the DLP NIRscan nano EVM.


Simplify your development tasks, and accelerate your time-to-market with our proven hardware, software tools. Everything you need to move forward to production is at your fingertips. We are here to help you navigate the display and projection development process and accelerate your system design.

Third-party development

To best meet your design needs and accelerate your time-to-market, DLP® Products works with a variety of third parties to help with everything from optical modules and hardware design to specialty software and other production services.

There are several options for integrating optical modules into your design. For applications focused on an application processor and DMD display interface electronics, an off-the-shelf DLP optical engine may be the right choice. For more complex designs, custom optics are available from our third-party network of optical module manufacturers and design houses.

Component providers

Third party partner
Innovation in Optics, Inc.
Provides LEDs
Woburn, Massachusetts, USA
Liminus Devices
Provides LEDs
Billerica, Massachusetts, USA
MIN AIK Technology Co., LTD.
Provides optical actuations Taipei, Taiwan
Provides lasers and LEDs
Tokushima, Japan
Optotune AG
Provides optical actuations Hsinchu, Taiwan
OSRAM Provides lasers and LEDs
Regensburg, Germany
Philips Lighting Provides LEDs
Turnhout, Belgium
Ushio Provides lasers and LEDs
Cypress, California, USA

Extended ecosystem

Third party partner
Analyze IQ Limited Provides chemometric software for spectroscopy
Galway, Ireland
Benano Inc.
Provides machine vision hardware and software
Taipei, Taiwan
Provides chemometric software for spectroscopy
USA and Norway
KS Technologies LLC
Provides electronics and software design
Colorado, USA
Saggito Provides chemometric software for spectroscopy
New Zealand


As you finalize your design and prepare to bring it to market, we are committed to delivering the resources you need to ensure you get to market quickly and smoothly. No matter your challenge, we are here to support you through your final development phase, through production ramp and into mass production. 

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