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Drive network data faster and farther with our robust Ethernet PHYs

With an extensive portfolio of Ethernet physical layer (PHY) transceivers, we support a variety of network speeds and package sizes for industrial, automotive and general-purpose applications. Our devices are IEEE 802.3-compliant and fully qualified for industrial and automotive applications.

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Industrial PHYs

Our Ethernet PHYs help designers maximize data transmission for Industry 4.0 systems. These devices feature low latency, robust EMI and EMC performance, wide temperature range, multiple MAC interface options, and support for copper and fiber media.

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Automotive PHYs

Our AEC-Q100 qualified Ethernet PHYs help designers address the growing data transmission needs in automobiles. These devices feature low power, robust EMI and EMC performance, small footprint, reduced cable costs and multiple MAC interfaces.

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General-purpose PHYs

Our general-purpose, IEEE 802.3 compliant PHYs support network speeds of 10/100/1000 Mbps, copper and fiber networks, temperatures up to 125°C, MII/RMII/RGMII/SGMII, IEEE 1588, JTAG 1149.1, Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE), and built-in diagnostics.

Featured Ethernet PHY products


1000BASE-T1 automotive Ethernet PHY with RGMII & SGMII


IEEE 802.3CG 10BASE-T1L Ethernet PHY


Low latency 10/100-Mbps PHY, MII interface and enhanced mode with an industrial temperature range

Featured technical documents

Importance of Latency in Factory Automation (Rev. A)

Latency through the Ethernet Physical Layer is a critical parameter in Ethernet networks. Examine how the DP83867 can control cycle times for factory automation applications.

Featured tools & software


The DP83825EVM enables the evaluation of the industry’s smallest 10/100 Ethernet PHY, the DP83825I. The evaluation module supports both network and MAC interfaces through an RJ-45 connector and simple multi-pin connector. The EVM is controlled through a USB connection using the USB-2-MDIO GUI.

Linux drivers for Ethernet PHYs

Linux drivers are available for the DP83867x, DP83TC811x-Q1, DP83822x and other Ethernet PHYs. They enable higher network layers to monitor and manage the PHY through the Serial Management Interface using MDIO and MDC signals.

USB to MDIO serial management tool

The USB-2-MDIO GUI enables access to status and control registers of our Ethernet PHYs through the Serial Management Interface. It uses USB to communicate with the PHY. The GUI is compatible with the LaunchPad™ Development Kit for MSP430™ MCUs and PHY EVMs that have an on-board MSP430 MCU.