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Achieve enhanced efficiency, EMI and standby power

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Our flyback solutions allow you to design smaller power supplies with higher efficiency. With our years of experience, we are able to provide reliable and innovative products that are around for the long run. From consumer electronics to automotive applications and everything in between, we have a flyback solution that meets your needs.

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Active-clamp & ZVS flyback controllers

Our flybacks feature a dissipative clamp replaced with lossless active clamp, which is used to achieve zero-voltage switching (ZVS).

PWM and flyback controllers

Our fixed-frequency PWM controllers support several power topologies including SEPIC, forward, and many more. Our flyback controllers improve efficiency, minimize standby power, and minimize EMI. 

Offline flyback converters

Our offline flyback converters have a 700-V integrated FET and can be configured as a flyback or a high-voltage buck converter.

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Power trends

Minimize your solution size while maximizing your efficiency

Our latest flyback controllers enable zero-voltage switching (ZVS) and active clamp flyback (ACF) topologies which achieve improved efficiency while increasing power density and shrinking the size of the power supply. ZVS drastically reduces switching losses which in turn enables higher switching frequency capability and reduces the size of the magnetics. ACF also improves on efficiency by replacing the passive clamp with an active clamp, recovering the leakage energy, and delivering it to the output. Finally, integrated features further help reduce the external component count and simplify power supply design. 

Featured products for power density
UCC28781 ACTIVE High-density, zero-voltage switching (ZVS) flyback controller with integrated SR control
UCC28782 ACTIVE High-density flyback controller for active-clamp (ACF) and zero-voltage switching (ZVS) topologies

Ultra-low standby power for low power consumption

Our solutions are capable of offering ultra-low standby power (< 5 mW at no load). This not only achieves but surpasses energy efficiency requirements from the Code of Conduct (CoC) and Department of Energy (DoE) in household goods and appliances. Additionally, ultra-low standby power helps reduce power consumption and extend battery life in HV battery applications such as HEV/EV and battery-back up units. 

Featured products for low quiescent current
UCC28730 ACTIVE Zero standby PSR flyback controller with CVCC and wake-up monitoring

Technical resources

Understanding flyback basics
Watch this helpful video to learn the basics of a flyback converter.
Application note
Application note
Designing a Robust Traction Inverter Redundant Power Supply From 800 V Battery (Rev. C)
Learn the key considerations for the backup power supply in automotive applications including power device voltage rating, startup circuitry, noise coupling and safety
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Application note
Application note
Troubleshooting TI PSR controllers
This application note helps you understand how to resolve common design challenges with DCM flyback controllers.
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Design & development resources

Evaluation board
UCC28782 active clamp flyback converter 65-W USB-C PD EVM with LMG2610 integrated GaN half-bridge

UCC28782EVM-030 demonstrates high-efficiency and high-density for a 65-W USB Type-C™ power delivery (PD) off-line adapter using the UCC28782 active-clamp flyback controller.  The input supports a universal 90 Vac to 264 Vac and the single output can be set to 5 V, 9 V and 15 V all at 3-A (...)

Reference design
350-V to 1000-V DC input, 56-W flyback isolated power supply reference design
This reference design provides isolated 14-V and 56-W outputs with a quasi-resonant flyback topology. The power supply can be powered from the 350-V to 1000-V DC input. This design uses cascode MOSFETs and flyback controller UCC28740-Q1. The line and load regulation are regulated to within ±1% (...)
Reference design
>95% Efficiency, 1-kW analog control AC/DC reference design for 5G telecom rectifier
This compact, high efficiency reference design with a 54-V DC, 1000-W output targets 5G telecom power and industrial AC/DC power supplies. The circuit consists of a front-end continuous conduction mode (CCM) power factor correction (PFC) circuit based on the UCC28180, followed by a robust LLC (...)

Reference designs related to Flyback controllers

Use our reference design selection tool to find designs that best match your application and parameters.