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All of the literature and tools you need to support your power MOSFET designs. 

MOSFET fundamentals

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Understanding MOSFET data sheets

We have developed a six-part technical article series that discusses some of the fundamental parts of a MOSFET datasheet. Prefer watching a video? We also created accompanying videos for this series. 

UIS/avalanche ratings Learn how to interpret UIS/avalanche ratings on a MOSFET data sheet. Watch video
Safe operating area (SOA) graph Learn how to interpret SOA curves on a MOSFET data sheet. Watch video
Continuous current ratings Learn how MOSFET current ratings are not measured the way that parameters like RDS(ON) and gate charge are determined, but rather, they are calculated, and can be arrived at in many different ways. Watch video
Pulsed current ratings Learn how pulsed current ratings are calculated and how they are represented in the safe operating area graph on the FET data sheet. -
Switching parameters Learn about other miscellaneous switching parameters that appear in the MOSFET data sheet their relevance (or lack thereof) to overall device performance. Watch video
Thermal impedance Learn about the junction-to-ambient thermal impedance and junction-to-case thermal impedance parameters on a FET data sheet.  Watch video

Selecting a MOSFET

Prefer videos? Watch this video on the benefits of integrated load switches.

Technical article title
Basic cross referencing Learn the three basic steps to cross referencing your MOSFETs.
Motor control Learn what specific considerations to take into account for FETs that will be used to drive a motor.
Switch mode power supply Learn how to traverse an exhaustive list of SMPS topologies to find the right MOSFET. 
Selection tool Learn how to use TI's selection tool to select the right FET for your design. 
Load switching Learn about the key considerations for using your MOSFET as a load switch. 
Battery protection Learn about how to select the right MOSFET to use for battery protection. 
Hot swap Learn about how to select the right MOSFET for hot swap. 

MOSFET technical information 

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Application notes

QFN and SON PCB attachment Read now
Ringing reduction techniques for NexFET™ high performance MOSFETs Read now
FemtoFET surface mount guidelines Read now
Design summary power block II Read now
Power loss calculation with common source inductance consideration for synchonous buck converters Read now
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Technical articles

What does a “lead-free” power MOSFET really mean? Learn about the nuances in the termninology "lead free" and what you should actually be looking for. 
Choosing the right SOA for your design: discrete FETs vs. power blocks Learn the differences in how TI specifies SOA for single, discrete FETs vs. integrated power blocks.
FemtoFET™ MOSFETs: small as sand but it’s all about that pitch Learn about the key benefits of our small FemtoFET™ MOSFETs. 
Improve the performance of your power tool design with power blocks Learn how a MOSFET power block helps to achieve a more reliable, smaller-sized, efficient and cost-competitive system solution.
MOSFET pair the size of a flake of pepper? Learn how ultra-thin Power Block II devices allow products to become dense, while consuming less power and dissipating less heat.
Selecting the right power MOSFET/power block package for your application Learn about package thermal capability and power dissipation in TI MOSFET and power block packages.
What type of ESD protection does your MOSFET include?
Learn the differences in ESD protections to prevent unwanted MOSFET failures, plus key design considerations for different ESD structures. 


Tool name
MOSFET power loss calculator for synchronous buck converter applications View tool
Power loss calculation tool for non-synchronous boost converter View tool
MOSFET power loss calculator for load switch applications View tool