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Buck converter training

Browse our library of DC/DC step-down buck converter on-demand training videos, brought to you by none other than TI's power supply experts.

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Buck controller training

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Buck controller fundamentals

DC/DC fundamentals - switching regulator overview Learn the basics of a switching regulator - how it works, what components are needed, and advantages/disadvantages.
DC/DC fundamentals - converter control The control system is the brains of the converter. In this video, learn how the converter control network helps to maintain a stable, regulated output voltage.
Topology Tutorial: What is a Buck? An overview of the basic principles and components of a buck regulator.
Point-of-Load Power Supplies: Converters or Controllers? Learn about the differences between converters and controllers, and how to determine which one is right for your design.

Buck control architectures

Buck control architectures overview An introduction to some of the basic components of buck converter construction and the major control modes.
Buck control architectures - current mode and emulated current mode A thorough discussion of both the current mode and emulated current mode control architectures.
Buck control architectures - multi-phase A discussion of multi-phase architectures used to achieve higher levels of output current.
Buck control architectures - voltage mode Learn everything you need to know about the voltage mode control architecture.
Buck control architectures - hysteretic Watch and learn the advantages and disadvantages of the hysteretic control mode.
Control mode quick reference guide An overview of various control modes for non-isolated DC/DC step-down controllers and converters and the advantages of each.
Survey of Control Modes for Step Down Converters and Controllers An overview of the twelve types of control architectures utilized by TI for DC/DC
switching regulators.

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