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Flyback controllers – Support & training

Flyback controller training

TI offers a wide variety of resources to aid in the design and fine tuning of flyback circuits. From the fundamentals and basic considerations to more in-depth design tips and example designs, these training videos below will help expedite the design process.

Flyback fundamentals

Learn about the basics of a flyback controller and convert.

What is a flyback? Get a better understanding of what a flyback is and when you should use one.
Understanding the basics of flybacks Understand how a flyback works and the important factors to consider when using one.
What are TI's flyback solutions? Learn more about TI's UCC287xx flyback controller family of devices.
Controlling power supplies with multiple feedback loops Learn more about controllers with multiple feedback loops, and why to use them with flyback converters.

Flyback design considerations

Learn more about design considerations for flyback solutions.

Flyback transformer design Learn how to optimize the design of a transformer to maximize performance.
Compensation design Learn how to close the feedback loop for externally compensated devices.
Snubber design Learn how to design snubbers to protect the FET from damaging voltage overshoots.
Capacitor and magnetic selection Learn how to select the right capacitor and magnetics for any design.

Example designs

Discover example designs by TI experts that include flyback devices.

350W AC/DC converter Learn how UCC28730 is used in a 350W AC/DC converter as a bias supply and 12W secondary output.
USB Type-C/PD charger Learn how UCC28740 is used in a 60W USB Type-C/PD wall adapter.
How to use WEBENCH® for High Power Designs Learn how to design your own custom AC/DC supply using TI's flyback controllers with WEBENCH®.

Design support

Get to market faster and overcome design challenges with TI's flyback controller technical design resources.

TI E2E™ support forums

Receive fast and reliable technical support from our engineers throughout every step of your design.

WEBENCH® Power Designer

Generate, optimize and simulate designs that conform to your unique power specifications.

Reference designs

Browse over 1,000 lab-tested power reference designs.

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