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Power factor correction (PFC) controllers – Design & development

300-W evaluation module with the UCC28064 Interleaved transition mode PFC controller UCC28056 EVM

Use this design to shape the input current wave to provide power factor correction. With this design, you can interleave dual phase operation at high power levels, single phase operation at lower power levels and burst mode operation at very low power levels. 

165-W evaluation module with the UCC28056 transition mode PFC controller

The UCC28056EVM is an EVM of PFC converter with UCC28056, a CrM/DCM Mixed Mode PFC Controller. The EVM accepts an input of 85Vac to 265Vac and provides an output of 390Vdc with full load output power of 165W.

360-W evaluation module with the UCC28180 continuous conduction mode PFC controller

The UCC28180EVM highlights the many benefits of using the UCC28180 continuous current mode boost PFC controller. Simple external current and voltage loop compensation make this controller ideal for server and desktop power supplies, industrial power supplies, and white goods.

300-W evaluation module with the UCC28070 interleaved continuous conduction mode PFC controller

The UCC28070 evaluation module is a 300W, two-phase interleaved, PFC pre-regulator that uses average current mode control techniques to achieve near unity power factor. The pre-regulator was designed to operate off a universal ac line input of 85V to 265V and provides a regulated 390V dc output.