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Power factor correction (PFC) controllers

Power factor correction (PFC) controllers with the highest efficiency and lowest THD for your high-voltage applications.

Our PFC controllers offers the highest efficiency, lowest standby power, and superior power factor and current distortion for your switched-mode power supplies (SMPS), which helps you meet challenging standards like the DoE Level-VI and EU CoC Tier-2. From critical conduction mode/transition mode (CRM/TM) to continuous conduction mode (CCM) PFC, we’ve got it all.

Single phase TM

New portfolio of PFC controllers for low and medium power designs delivering excellent light load efficiency and low standby power over all load conditions

Interleaved TM

Industry’s best portfolio of 2-phase TM PFC controllers geared toward medium power for slim profile applications

Single phase CCM

Competitive portfolio of CCM PFC controllers for medium to high power applications for smaller footprint and easier layout options

Interleaved CCM

High performing portfolio of 2-phase CCM PFC controllers for high power factor and low current distortions that can also be configured as Bridgeless PFC.

Improve the performance of your AC/DC design

The UCC28056, UCC256403, and UCC24624 eliminate the need for an auxiliary flyback by achieving low standby power consumption.  Along with other features, such as excellent audible noise performance, we enable you to improve your AC/DC design to do more with less.  See how with our reference design and test for yourself on our EVM.



6-pin high performance CRM/DCM PFC controller


LLC resonant controller with ultra-low standby power and high voltage startup


LLC resonant controller with ultra-low standby power and high voltage startup

Featured reference designs

170W auxless AC-DC power supply reference design with 80 plus gold compatible performance

The PMP21251 reference design uses UCC28056 CRM/DCM PFC controller and UCC256304 enhanced LLC controller with integrated. driver to provide 12V/10.8A output (continuous, 14.4A peak) from universal AC input. 

>92% efficiency, 200W, <125mW standby, fast transient, desktop PC PSU reference design

This reference design is a compact, high efficiency, fast transient, universal input, 12-V DC, 200-W nominal output, AC/DC power supply (PSU) targeted for desktop PCs and gaming adapters.

24V, 480W nominal 720W peak, >93.5% efficient, robust AC/DC industrial power supply reference design

The TIDA-01494 reference design is a compact, high efficiency, 24-V DC, 480-W nominal, 720-W peak output reference design for industrial AC/DC power supplies. 

Technical resources

PFC basics training video

Start with the basics of PFC with this training series that covers topology comparisons and design considerations.

WEBENCH ®Power Designer

Design, optimize and simulate complete, custom AC/DC design in minutes.

BOM & cross-reference tool

Search for any suppliers’ PFC controllers to find our similar devices.

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