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High performance PWM and resonant controllers for any design

With over 30 years of experience, we offer the broadest portfolio of the highest performing pulse width modulation (PWM) Controllers which include application specific and general purpose PWM controllers. Supporting multiple topology (multi-topology) configurations,  our devices provide customers with the flexibility to cover a broad range of power supply designs used in DC-DC and AC-DC power conversion circuits for a wide range of end equipment. 

General purpose PWM

Reduce your design cycle time with multi-topology configuration support


Dedicated PWM controllers for Flyback that reduce size and improve performance

Active clamp forward

Simple design with high efficiency and performance for power levels up to 200W


Optimized for low input and output voltage or high current applications with 100-500W power levels


Applications up to 500W with higher Vin for your design


Zero-Voltage switching that allows for high efficiency and improved EMI performance in applications up to 1kW


Increase your power density in high power applications above 500W

Phase shifted full-bridge

Obtain high efficiency with zero-voltage switching for applications up to several kilowatts


Looking for other high-voltage solutions?

You're in the right place. From GaN to drivers, we enable you to do more with less power with end-to-end power conversion devices that deliver high efficiency, power density, and reliability.

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Complete TI reference designs to help you quickly evaluate and customize your controller needs

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Design, optimize and simulate complete controller design solutions in minutes

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