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PWM controllers & resonant controllers – Support & training

PWM and resonant controller training

TI offers a wide variety of PWM controller-based power design trainings from the basics of power topology selection to the finer points of optimizing your designs. Explore the resources below to find jump start your design process.

You can also read white papers from the popular TI Power supply design™ software tool seminar series and take advantage of TI training ranging from technology fundamentals to advanced implementation that help bring your next-generation designs to life.

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Power topology basics

Introduction to isolated topologies This overview gives an entry-level presentation on isolated power as well as some isolated topologies.
Isolated and non-isolated power topologies overview This overview video introduces power converters and explains the functions of 18 different power supply topologies, all of which play an important role in operating our everyday power electronics.
Selecting the appropriate topology This training provides an introductions to the decisions that need to be considered when designing a power supply.
Power toplogies quick refernce guide Diagrams and equations for all of the most common topologies.
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Design tips

Design review of a 2-kW parallelable power-supply module This is a quick overview of topology selection of the main power stages, followed by a deeper dive into the single blocks of the module, including PFC correction, voltage sensing and parallel communication. Finally, a real 2kW prototype, with housing, has been built and tested.
Introduction to power electronics This four-part Power 101 fundamentals course covers several topics that a design engineer needs to understand when it comes to power management design.
Power tips: compensating isolated power supplies This is an in depth overview of how to derive the transfer function of an opto-isolator and TL431 circuit for the purpose of compensating isolated power supply circuits.
An alternative approach to higher-power boost converters This paper discusses designing higher-power boost converters using the LM25037.
Modelling, analysis and compensation of the current-mode converter A guide to increasing the performance of any current-mode converter while reducing and even eliminating the problem areas.
How to use WEBENCH for high power designs Watch this quick video to learn how to start your high power design in WEBENCH.

Design support

Streamline your project with TI’s PWM and Resonant controller technical design resources.

TI E2E™ support forums

Receive fast and reliable technical support from our engineers throughout every step of your design.

WEBENCH® Power Designer

Generate, optimize and simulate designs that conform to your unique power specifications.

Reference designs

Browse over 1,000 lab-tested power reference designs.

Technical Article

PWM controller technical articles