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An Alternative Approach to Higher-Power Boost Converters

Read this application note to learn more about designing higher-power boost converters using the LM25037

UCC38C42 Family of High-Speed BiCMOS Current-Mode PWM Controllers

Since their introduction in the mid 1980’s these PWM Controllers have grown to be the most widely-used control strategy in the power supply industry. Read more to find out why.

Modeling, Analysis and Compensation of the Current-Mode Converter

Learn about how you can increase the performance of any current-mode converter while reducing and even eliminating the problem areas.

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Selection guide

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TI Space Products (Rev. H) PDF 1412 27 Jan 2021
UCC28C4X-Q1 selection guide for automotive isolated DC/DC aux power applications PDF 198 07 Jun 2019
Power Management Guide 2018 (Rev. R) PDF 6269 25 Jun 2018

Solution guide

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White paper

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Power Electronics in Motor Drives: Where is it? (Rev. A) PDF 743 01 Oct 2019
LLC Converter Small Signal Modeling PDF 3845 02 Oct 2015
LLC Converter Small Signal Modeling (PPT) PDF 1883 02 Oct 2015

Radiation & reliability report

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SEE Test Report of the UC1825B-SP High Speed PWM Controller PDF 1287 01 Jun 2020
Single-Event Effects Test Report of the UC1843B-SP Current Mode PWM Controller PDF 1813 09 Aug 2019
UC1843B-SP Neutron Displacement Damage (NDD) Characterization PDF 856 28 Jun 2019