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Synchronous rectifier controllers

Improve your efficiency with easy-to-use, high performance synchronous rectifiers

Our portfolio of synchronous rectifier (SR) controllers enables higher efficiency for power supplies by replacing the output rectifier diode with a more efficient SR FET. This helps you create solutions that are smaller, cooler and compliant with stringent requirements for less.

VDS sensing synchronous rectifier

Measures voltage across SR FET to determine when to turn on and off. Find the product that works best with your topology:

  • CCM, DCM, QR flyback
  • Active clamp flyback
  • Forward, active clamp forward
  • Half bridge, full bridge
  • LLC

Volt second synchronous rectifier

Timing circuit based on magnetic balancing to determine when to turn on and off. Explore the following topologies for our products.

  • DCM flyback
  • CCM flyback

Featured reference designs and tools

5V/2.5A AC/DC flyback PSU for USB adaptor applications reference design

The PMP8965 is a 12.5W USB adapter reference design using the UCC28740 quasi-resonant/discontinues flyback controller, with synchronous rectification to improve efficiency using the UCC24610 green rectifier controller.

Synchronous rectifier controller diode-replacement demonstration board

The UCC24612-1EVM evaluation module (EVM) is used to convert the output rectifier of a flyback converter from a diode to a synchronous rectifier (SR) FET to investigate and evaluate the efficiency benefits of using an SR over a rectifier diode.

USB-IF certified USB Type-C™ 20V/60W out, universal AC input reference design

This power reference design provides up to 20 V/60 W over USB Type-C from a universal AC input range of 85 to 265 VAC for charger applications. The UCC24636 synchronous rectifier driver allows this design to provide 91% average efficiency. 

Companion devices

High performance active clamp flyback controller

Wide vin LLC resonant controller with high-voltage start up enabling ultra-low standby power

Constant-voltage, constant-current flyback controller using opto-coupler feedback

Off-line constant-voltage constant-current flyback controller with primary-side regulation (PSR)