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50W, 12V to 24V, Three-Phase Sensorless BLDC Motor Driver



The DRV10987 device is a 3-phase sensorless 180° sinusodial motor driver with integrated power MOSFETs, which can provide continuous drive current up to 2 A. The device is specifically designed for cost-sensitive, low-noise, low-external-component-count fan and pump applications.

The DRV10987 device delivers current to the motor with supply voltage as low as 6.2 V. If the power supply voltage is higher than 28 V, the device stops driving the motor and protects the DRV10987 circuitry.

The DRV10987 device uses a proprietary sensorless control scheme to provide continuous sinusoidal drive, which significantly reduces the pure tone acoustics that typically occur as a result of commutation. The interface to the device is designed to be simple and flexible. The motor can be controlled directly through PWM, analog, or I2C inputs. Motor speed feedback is available through both the FG pin and the I2C interface simultaneously.

The DRV10987 device features an integrated buck regulator to step down the supply voltage efficiently to 5 V for powering both internal and external circuits. The 3.3-V LDO also may be used to provide power for external circuits. The standby-mode (8.5 mA) version (DRV10987S) leaves the regulator running, and the sleep-mode (48 µA) version (DRV10987D) shuts the regulator off. Throughout this data sheet, the DRV10987 part number is used for both devices, that is, DRV10987D (sleep version) and DRV10987S (standby version), except for specific discussions of sleep vs standby functionality.

An I2C interface allows the user to reprogram specific motor parameters in registers and to program the EEPROM to help optimize the performance for a given application. The DRV10987 device is available in a thermally-efficient HTSSOP, 24-pin package with an exposed thermal pad. The operating ambient temperature is specified from –40°C to 125°C.


  • Operation Voltage Range:
    • Motor Operation, 6.2 V to 28 V
  • Total Driver H + L rDS(on)
    • 250 mΩ at TA = 25°C
  • Drive Current: 2-A Continuous Winding Current (3-A Peak)
  • Sensorless Sinusoidal 180° Commutation Scheme
  • Configurable Output PWM Slew Rate and Frequency for EMI Management
  • Initial Position-Detect Algorithm to Avoid Back-Spin During Start-Up
  • No External Sense Resistor Required
  • Flexible User Interface Options:
    • I2C Interface: Access Registers for Command and Feedback
    • Dedicated SPEED Pin: Accepts Either Analog or PWM Input
    • Dedicated FG Pin: Provides TACH Feedback
    • Spin-Up Profile Can Be Customized With EEPROM
    • Forward-Reverse Control With DIR Pin
  • Integrated Buck Converter, 5‑V, 100-mA
  • Integrated LDO, 3.3‑V, 20-mA
  • Standby Current, 8.5-mA
  • Supply Current of 8.5 mA With Standby Version (DRV10987S)
  • Supply Current of 48 µA With Sleep Version (DRV10987D)
  • Protection Features
    • Overcurrent Protection (Phase-to-Phase, Phase-to-GND and Phase-to-VCC Short Circuits)
    • Lock Detection to Detect Rotor Lock Condition
    • Anti-Voltage Surge (AVS) Protection
    • Undervoltae Lockout (UVLO)
    • Overvoltage Protection
    • Thermal Warning and Shutdown
  • Thermally Enhanced Package

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