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Industrial mmWave radar sensors – Building automation


TI’s industrial mmWave solutions for building automation enable the detection and tracking of people both indoors up to 14m and outdoors at greater than 50m range. mmWave can be used for high accuracy occupancy detection, where the position and velocity of people can be used to trigger systems upon a person entering an area of interest, or moving in a particular direction. 

mmWave sensors use onboard processing to reduce false detection by ignoring signatures of static objects that are not of concern such as chairs and desks, and dynamic objects such as trees and fans. 

mmWave sensors provide high performance sensing that is environmentally robust to rain, fog, smoke, or ambient lighting. With no camera or optical lenses, mmWave is suitable for privacy-conscience applications.

TI’s Antenna on Package (AOP) technology simplifies the design process and reduces the system form factor for both ceiling and wall-mounted applications.

IWR6843 mmWave sensor

Occupancy detection/people countingautomated doors and gates
Elderly monitoring/ fall detection
Motion detectors and IP Network Cameras
Benefits Track and separate multiple people simultaneously with a single chip sensor. Simplify solution by ignoring non-moving (static) objects like chairs and tables and filtering moving objects such as fans, curtains, or blinds. Use 3D height information from the sensor to determine the stance of a person and whether or not someone has fallen without the use of a privacy-invasive camera  Robust detection and localization of slow moving people even in cluttered outdoor areas with lots of movement from clutter like trees and shrubs.
(field of view)
IWR6843 starter bundle
(120° horizontal, 30° vertical)
(120° horizontal, 120° vertical)


Starter Bundle (130° horizontal, 130° vertical)

IWR6843 starter bundle

(120° horizontal, 30° vertical)

Example environments Conference room Open office Living room Outdoors
Example coverage area 6m x 6m 14m x 14m 8m x 8m 25m x 50m
Example range
Example velocity
Applicable onboard algorithms

Static clutter removal

Group tracking/counting


Static clutter removal

Group tracking for object filtering

Provided example configurations

Wall mount people counting- 2D

Wall mount people counting- 3D

Experiment: stance and fall detection 50m outdoor people tracking and false detection filtering


Evaluate TI’s mmWave radar sensors by purchasing the evaluation module and leveraging the experiments and labs, and referencing our building automation TI Designs.

IWR6843 starter bundle

IWR6843 evaluation kit with antenna design enabling for wall-mounted or side-facing applications

IWR6843 AoP evaluation module

IWR6843 AOP  EVM is a small form-factor evaluation module with integrated antenna-on-package technology.

Experiments and labs

Use experiments and labs to experience mmWave sensor performance first hand and recreate demonstrations using the out-of-box demo or customized code for building automation applications.

Reference design

Use TI Reference designs, including design guides, software, configurations and documentation for different applications in Building Automation.


Now that you’re ready to begin production, access these resources to help you along the way.


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77-GHz sensor delivers intelligence at the edge with 2D detection

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