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1.5A Fast Ultra Low Dropout Linear Regulator

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Package | PIN: SOT-223 (NDC) | 5
Temp: Q (-40 to 125)
Carrier: Cut Tape
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1-9 $2.77
10-24 $2.50
25-99 $2.32
100-249 $2.04
250-499 $1.91
500-749 $1.62
750-999 $1.37
1,000+ $1.31


  • Ultra Low Dropout Voltage
  • Low Ground Pin Current
  • Load Regulation of 0.04%
  • 15µA Quiescent Current in Shutdown Mode
  • Specified Output Current of 1.5A DC
  • Available in SOT-223,SFM/TO-263 and TO-220 Packages
  • Output Voltage Accuracy ± 1.5%
  • Error Flag Indicates Output Status (LP3962)
  • Sense Option Improves Better Load Regulation (LP3965)
  • Extremely Low Output Capacitor Requirements
  • Overtemperature/Overcurrent Protection
  • −40°C to +125°C Junction Temperature Range

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Texas Instruments  LP3965EMP-1.8/NOPB

The LP3962/LP3965 series of fast ultra low-dropout linear regulators operate from a +2.5V to +7.0V input supply. Wide range of preset output voltage options are available. These ultra low dropout linear regulators respond very fast to step changes in load which makes them suitable for low voltage microprocessor applications. The LP3962/LP3965 are developed on a CMOS process which allows low quiescent current operation independent of output load current. This CMOS process also allows the LP3962/LP3965 to operate under extremely low dropout conditions.

Dropout Voltage: Ultra low dropout voltage; typically 38mV at 150mA load current and 380mV at 1.5A load current.

Ground Pin Current: Typically 5mA at 1.5A load current.

Shutdown Mode: Typically 15µA quiescent current when the shutdown pin is pulled low.

Error Flag: Error flag goes low when the output voltage drops 10% below nominal value (for LP3962).

SENSE: Sense pin improves regulation at remote loads. (For LP3965)

Precision Output Voltage: Multiple output voltage options are available ranging from 1.2V to 5.0V and adjustable (LP3965), with a specified accuracy of ±1.5% at room temperature, and ±3.0% over all conditions (varying line, load, and temperature).