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Current Mode PWM Controller

Availability: 9,160


Package | PIN: PDIP (P) | 8
Temp: C (0 to 70)
Package qty | Carrier: 50 | TUBE
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1-99 $1.17
100-249 $1.00
250-999 $0.67
1,000+ $0.48


  • Optimized for Off-Line and DC-DC Converters
  • Low Start-Up Current (< 0.5 mA)
  • Trimmed Oscillator Discharge Current
  • Automatic Feedforward Compensation
  • Pulse-by-Pulse Current Limiting
  • Enhanced Load Response Characteristics
  • Undervoltage Lockout With Hysteresis
  • Double Pulse Suppression
  • High-Current Totem Pole Output
  • Internally-Trimmed Bandgap Reference
  • Up to 500-kHz Operation
  • Create a Custom Design Using the UCx84xA With the WEBENCH® Power Designer

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Texas Instruments  UC3843AN

The UCx84xA family of control devices is a pin-for-pin compatible improved version of theUCx84x family. Providing the necessary features to control current-mode or switched-mode powersupplies, this family of devices has many improved features: startup current is less than 0.5 mA,oscillator discharge is trimmed to 8.3 mA, and during UVLO, the output stage can sink at least 10mA at less than 1.2 V for VCC over 5 V.