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TI’s innovative Analog and Embedded technologies enable engineers to develop the most intelligent and sophisticated robot systems of tomorrow. Navigate new system block diagrams and quickly find fully tested reference designs and products for your next industrial, logistics or service robot design.

Industrial robots

Logistics robots

Logistics robots

Enable higher efficiency and throughput in logistics centers to take them to the next level. Achieve an accurate sensing of obstacles in highly crowded logistic centers using TI's mmWave or time-of-flight (TOF) sensing technologies.

Service robots

Service robots

Various sensor solutions, such as time-of-flight (TOF) or mmWave to optimize your SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) performance. Small and efficient motor drive to increase robot autonomy.

TI Robotics Systems Learning Kit (TI-RSLK)

The TI Robotics Systems Learning Kit (TI-RSLK) is a low-cost robotics kit and classroom curriculum, providing students with a deeper understanding of how electronic system designs work.

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