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Elevate your data center designs with our power-management solutions, which include multiphase controllers, power stages, point-of-load regulators and converters, and hot-swap controllers, along with clocks and timing, signal processing, and interface and connectivity solutions. Our products deliver performance, reliability and scalability to ensure seamless integration and future-proofing without sacrificing space or energy efficiency.

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Address the power density and efficiency needs of the future with products and system-level products for rack and server applications

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Power efficiency

Achieve more power in smaller spaces and higher efficiency with our innovative power management products and technologies that reduce power consumption.


Scalable architectures

Create tailored and scalable architectures that meet unique system requirements with our diverse range of products.



From process technology and design through manufacturing, packaging, test and delivery, we are committed to delivering high quality and reliable semiconductor solutions that meet your needs.


Product longevity and assurance of supply

Get products when you need them. We continue to invest in manufacturing capacity to address your product demand needs for decades to come.

Engineering high-performance, reliable and efficient data center solutions

Optimize data center efficiency with our high-performance multiphase solutions

Higher-density data centers require higher power consumption for each server. Power your system-on-a-chip processors with our multiphase products, enabling more power in less board space for optimal computing power. 

Our family of monolithic power-stage devices comes in thermal enhanced packaging, while our scalable controllers offer fast load-transient response, advanced telemetry and protection features. Combined, you have a complete power solution to achieve unparalleled performance in data centers.

Reference design
Flexible power reference design for high performance Xilinx and Intel FPGA platforms
This reference design addresses the increase in power requirements per rail for field-programmable gate arrays with our power management integrated circuits and controller solutions.
Application note
D-CAP+TM Control for Multiphase Step-Down Voltage Regulators for Powering Microp
This application report introduces the basics of three generations of DCAP+ multiphase step-down controllers.
Featured products for multiphase power solutions
NEW TPS53689T ACTIVE Dual-channel, 8-phase step-down digital multiphase D-CAP+™ controller with VR14 SVID and PMBus
TPS53685 ACTIVE Eight-phase digital step-down multiphase controller with SVI3 and PMBus for AMD platform

Design reliable and scalable server power-distribution systems with our efficient power switches 

The demand for data server power and reliability is exponentially increasing given rapid advancements in artificial intelligence and cloud computing.

Our highly integrated eFuses, hot-swap controllers, load switches and ORing controllers support server power systems with high power density and adjustable current, voltage and overtemperature protections that are capable of handling increased power levels while ensuring reliability.

Reference design
Complete PMBus Power System for Enterprise Ethernet Switches Reference Design
Power your enterprise Ethernet switches with our complete PMBus power system solution.
Technical article
How a fully-stackable eFuse can help meet ever-increasing power needs of servers
Learn how our fully stackable eFuse can help data centers achieve efficiency goals by reducing power losses in the system.
Technical article
Optimizing power density with eFuses
Learn how to optimize power performance and achieve superior power density in a small footprint with our eFuse solutions.
Featured products for power switches
NEW TPS25984 ACTIVE 4.5-V to 16-V, 0.8-mΩ 70-A stackable eFuse with accurate and fast current monitor
NEW TPS25990 ACTIVE 2.9-V to 16-V, 0.79-mΩ, 60-A eFuse with digital telemetry controller
LM5066 ACTIVE 10-V to 80-V hot swap controller with current, -Voltage and power monitoring and PMBus

Increasing data center power density and efficiency

Our step-down converters increase efficiency, improve load-transient performance, and reduce external component count in rack server CPU and hardware accelerator graphics processing unit computing power systems.

To improve computing system reliability and protection, many of our point-of load solutions are available with the PMBus serial interface to configure the power supply's operation and to monitor voltage, current and temperature in real time. Our process technology, advanced packaging and novel control-mode architectures help you maximize your available board space, meet efficiency targets, and address tight voltage requirements with fewer external components.

Extended security features in TPS546D24S and TPSM8S6C24
The TPS546D24S buck converter family and TPSM8S6C24 buck module feature Texas Instruments' first PMBus step-down regulators with extended security commands. 
Application note
Point-of-Load Designs in Data Center Apps for Intel Xeon Sapphire Rapids Scalabl (Rev. B)
Texas Instruments provides performance power-management solutions, enabling high availability and efficiency when powering motherboard and add-in card processors for data centers and rack servers.
Application note
Point-of-Load Solutions for Network Interface Cards (NIC)
Texas Instruments provides performance point-of-load solutions for enabling low noise, high efficiency and reduced external components when powering processors used in network interface cards.
Featured products for step-down regulators
NEW TPS54KB20 ACTIVE 4-V to 16-V input, 25-A remote sense synchronous step-down converter
TPS548A28 ACTIVE 2.7-V to 16-V, 15-A synchronous buck converter with remote sense and 3-V LDO
TPS546D24S ACTIVE 2.95-V to 16-V, stackable 40-A synchronous SWIFT™ step-down PMBus® converter with extended security

Maximize system reliability and performance using our multisource BAW- based clocking solutions

Elevate data center performance and reliability with our bulk acoustic wave (BAW)-based Ethernet and Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) clocking solutions. Ensure precise synchronization, minimize interference, and optimize signal integrity.

Our BAW-based products include referenceless clock generators for clocking server management processors and field-programmable gate arrays in server motherboards; oscillators for 56Gbps and 112Gbps Ethernet and PCIe Gen 6 for smart network interface cards (smartNIC) and hardware accelerators; and HCSL clock fanout buffers with ultra-low jitter performance suitable for multiple PCIe Gen 1-6 applications.

White paper
The Importance of Clocks in Data Centers
This article walks through our clocking solutions for each enterprise subsystem.
Application note
Clocking for PCIe Applications
This application note covers PCIe clocking architectures, PCIe test criteria and PCIe post-processing tools.
Application brief
BAW Oscillator Solutions for Network Interface Card
This application brief showcases BAW's technological benefits and use cases in network interface cards.
Featured products for clocks and timing
NEW LMKDB1120 ACTIVE DB2000QL-compliant 20-output clock buffer for PCIe Gen 1 to Gen 6
NEW LMK3H0102 PREVIEW Bulk acoustic wave (BAW)-based PCIe Gen 1 to Gen 6-compliant referenceless clock generator
LMK6H ACTIVE Low-jitter, high-performance, bulk-acoustic-wave (BAW) fixed-frequency HCSL oscillator

Improve high-speed margins for peak performance

As high-speed communication demands increase within data centers, the challenges of transmitting data intensify with tighter margins and more intricate power management.

Our signal-conditioning solutions are protocol-agnostic for seamless PCIe, Compute Express Link and Ultra Path Interconnect interoperability and can help enhance signal margin and optimize data transmission in the face of evolving data center needs. One-third the power-consumption levels remove the need for big heat sinks and there is no software or clocking necessary.

How to Tune TI PCIe Gen5 Redrivers
This article goes over step-by-step on how to quickly tune PCIe redriver and pass TX/RX compliance testing. 
3 Myths about PCIe Redrivers
Whether you are designing with PCIe redrivers or hesitant about using redrivers, this article goes over advantages of redrivers and what to look for when designing with them.
How to Configure the DS320PR810 Using SigCon Architect
This document explains how to configure your redriver using our user-friendly SigCon Architect GUI.
Featured products for PCIe signal conditioner
NEW DS320PR410 ACTIVE PCIe® 5.0, 32-Gbps, 4-channel linear redriver
DS160PR410 ACTIVE 4 channel PCI Express gen-4 linear redriver
DS160PR1601 ACTIVE PCIe® 4.0 16-Gbps 16-Lane linear redriver

Reference designs related to Data center & enterprise computing

Use our reference design selection tool to find designs that best match your application and parameters.

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Innovative semiconductor design and packaging technologies are improving efficiencies in data centers as server power demands increase.

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