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Wi-Fi® audio: capabilities and challenges

Explore how TI addresses the challenges in providing a high-quality, uninterrupted audio experience using Wi-Fi® technology, as well as the impact it has on the overall system design and cost.

Audio Accessory Designs From Start to Finish eBook

From start to finish, learn how TI addresses the application requirements for designing the next-generation soundbar or active speaker dock.

DLP Pico Technology for Screenless Display (Rev. A)

Discover how TI’s DLP Pico technology enables excellent image quality, high brightness and a power efficient display experience for compact form factors.

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Li-Ion Battery Charger Solution Using an MSP430™ MCU (Rev. A) Read Abstract Multiple Files 8 18 May 2018
Dynamic Power-Path Mgmt & Dynamic Power Mgmt (Rev. A) PDF 81 01 May 2018
TAS5825M Process Flows Read Abstract PDF 9 13 Feb 2018

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System-Level ESD Protection Guide (Rev. C) PDF 2084 20 Feb 2018
Supervisors and Reset ICs Quick Reference Guide (Rev. D) PDF 394 19 Dec 2016
MSP Low-Power Microcontrollers (Rev. AD) PDF 5481 23 Mar 2016

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