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Linear Products Automotive Solenoid and Lamp Control


A typical automotive engine control unit (ECU) has inputs such as a coolant temperature sensor and a manifold absolute pressure (MAP) sensor. The ECU outputs control various loads which include solenoids, valves, lamps, relays, and ignition. The TPIC2603 can be used to switch the ECU control outputs. In addition, it is well-suited to switch other loads such as door chimes, interior lighting, fuel pump pressure for the fuel injectors, and today?s automotive powertrains feature many types of loads which draw from a few hundred milliamperes of current up to 100 A. Most of these loads require fault diagnostics to meet regulations and to reduce repair time in the shop. The TPIC2603 is designed to switch up to six medium-current low-side loads and provide fault protection and diagnostics for each of its six channels.