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Automotive Anti-Lock Brake System Control Using Power+<TM> Control Devices (Rev. A)


Many of the electronic systems in today?s automobiles require fault protection and diagnostics to meet environmental and safety regulations. The anti-lock brake system (ABS) is one area where safety is a key concern. The ABS designer is faced with requirements to insure that the system functions properly under strict operat-ing conditions and that failures are detected and handled properly. The ability to quickly identify and diagnose a problem is also an important consideration in reducing the time and effort required to correct the failure. Four new Texas Instruments? Power+ E Control devices that are well-suited for ABS control applications are the TPIC46L01/02 (6-channel) and TPIC44L01/02 (4-channel). These power ICs are low-side pre-FET drivers that provide serial and parallel interfaces. Each predriver can control either Power+ Arrays devices or discrete power FETs allowing the system designer the flexibility to select the power output stage that best fits the system?s load requirements.