Factory Automation & Control

The right silicon, software, tools and support for system solutions in field transmitters, sensors and process instrumentation, industrial communication, programmable logic control (PLC), human machine interface (HMI) and industrial drives.


Industrial Communication - Overview

TI provides production-ready industrial communication solutions for industrial Ethernet, fieldbus, encoders and sensors.
  • TI's broad portfolio with industrial feature set includes:
    • Specialized product portfolio for Harsh Environments
    • Long product life supply policy
    • Flexible and future-proof embedded processors
    • Solutions that meet industry safety needs (IEC61508, SIL)
    • Energy and space-efficient solutions
  • System-based solutions
    • Industrial-specific reference design and development tools
    • Production-ready comprehensive software, including communication protocols and signal chain solution
    • Strong understanding of industrial equipment support needs


    TI’s PRU-ICSS that has been architected to implement the real-time communication technologies used in a broad range of industrial automation equipment


    Industrial Ethernet

    TI’standard Ethernet-based protocols do not require special hardware functions:

      AM335x AM4x adds functionality
    Profinet Slave RT/IRT v2.3 X X
    Ethernet I/P Slave X X
    EtherCAT Slave X X
    Ethernet/IP X X
    Powerlink Slave X X
    Sercos III Slave X X

    Fieldbus Communication

        AM1810 AM335x
    CANOpen 3rd party availability   Kurz; Port
    Profibus Slave DPv1   X X
    Profibus Master DPv1   X X
    Profibus Slave DPv2     X


    Industrial Communication Physical Layer (PHY)

    Industrial Ethernet TLK110/1 TLK105 TLK105L TLK106 TLK106L
    Profinet Master/Slave
    Ethernet I/P  Master/Slave
    x x x x x
    EtherCAT Master/Slave
     Powerlink Master/Slave x x x x x
     Sercos III Master/Slave x x x x x


    Profibus SN65HVD1176 ISO1176 ISO1176T
    SN65HVD72 SN65HVD75 SN65HVD82
    DeviceNet SN65HV252 SN65HV252  
    CAN SN65HVD255 SN65HVD256  
    M-LVDS SN65MLVD200A SN65MLVD204A  
    I/O link Slave SN65HVD101 SN65HVD102  


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