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Communications Equipment

TI offers communications and telecommunications end equipment manufacturers a broad range of solutions for networking, video communications, voice communications, wired infrastructure and wireless infrastructure applications.


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Communications Equipment - End Equipment

Built on longstanding and ongoing collaborative relationships with global equipment manufacturers, service providers and infrastructure operators, TI has become the leading technology provider to the communications and telecom industry. The breath of its product offerings gives testament to the depth of its expertise across all foundational communications technologies of the signal chain, from digital embedded processing, multicore DSPs and complex SoCs, to all manners of analog and mixed-signal technology, such as data converters, amplifiers, RF, clocking, and power supply and control. TI’s portfolio touches every corner of the communications industry, including infrastructure and mobile device-oriented technologies, multimedia processing, power control and management, networking, voice, video, wired and wireless.

TI Designs: Reference Designs

TI Designs Reference Design Library is a robust reference design library spanning analog, embedded processor and connectivity. Created by TI experts to help you jump start your system design, all TI Designs include schematic or block diagrams, BOMs and design files to speed your time to market. Search and download designs at ti.com/tidesigns

Wideband Digital to RF Transmit Solution

The TSW308x is an example design of a wideband digital to RF transmit solution capable of generating 600 MHz of contiguous RF spectrum.  The system provides a reference on how to use the DAC34x8x, TRF3705 IQ modulator and LMK0480x to achieve this.  This reference EVM coupled with a pattern (...)

Updated 11 Apr 2014

DLP® Near-Infrared Spectrometer for Optical Analysis of Liquids & Solids

This near-infrared (NIR) spectrometer reference design utilizes Texas Instruments' DLP technology in conjunction with a single-element InGaAs detector to deliver high performance measurements in a portable form factor that is more affordable than expensive InGaAs array detector or fragile rotating (...)

Updated 08 Apr 2014

720W Full Bridge DC to DC Converter in Half Brick Footprint for Telecom Applications

This DC to DC converter is used in a Telecom based application and provides an output power of 720W with a measured peak efficiency of 97.1%. The reference board is an industry standard half brick footprint. Additional features are  high density part integration and low component count to (...)

Updated 04 Apr 2014

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