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Products for Shunt Voltage Reference

TI is the premier volume supplier of voltage references shipped with over 40 years of supply history, beginning with the LM100 and then industry classics like the LM431, LM385, and LM336. TI’s portfolio of shunt voltage references feature low temperature coefficient, precise initial accuracy, low noise and excellent long term stability performance. Several of these devices are also offered in Military, Automotive and Space grade. Shunt Voltage references are commonly used with comparators in high wattage power supplies and large stack battery monitoring.

Technical Documents   

  • Low-cost flyback solutions for 10-mW standby power (slyt557.PDF, 237 KB)
    22 Jan 2014 Download
  • Understanding stability boundary conditions charts in TL431, TL432 Data sheet (Rev. A) (slva482a.HTM, 8 KB)
    16 Jan 2014 Abstract