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Do more  with GaN FET Drivers

High-speed GaN gate drivers enabling high power density and design simplicity for every power topology

TI’s portfolio of gate drivers tailor made for GaN are enabling new levels of high speed, power density, and efficiency in GaN designs. TI GaN drivers provide best-in-class propagation delay and matching for frequencies to 50MHz, better than 5% gate bias clamping to ensure reliable switching, and advanced features such as dead-time control and high slew rate immunity to 300V/ns. From single channel, half-bridge, to automotive qualified solutions, TI offers a GaN FET driver for every high performance application.

GaN FET Driver products


5V, 7A Low-side GaN Driver with 60MHz, 1ns Speed


200V, 1.5A, 3A Half-Bridge GaN Driver with Adjustable Dead Time


100-V, 1.2-A, 5-A, Half-Bridge Gate Driver for Enhancement Mode GaN FETs


Automotive, 100 V 1.2-A / 5-A, Half-Bridge Gate Driver for Enhancement Mode GaN FETs


5V, 4A/6A Low Side GaN Driver

Featured reference designs and EVM boards

Nanosecond Laser Driver Reference Design for LiDAR

1ns GaN laser drive stage for high resolution LiDAR applications

Multi-MHz GaN Power Stage Reference Design for High-Speed DC/DC Converters

Flexible GaN Power Stage for high efficiency designs up to 50MHz

LMG1205 GaN Power Stage Evaluation Module

Small, easy to use, power stage with an external PWM signal. Enables evaluation for many different DC-DC converter topologies.

Technical resources

Optimizing Efficiency Through Dead Time Control with LMG1210 GaN Driver

Learn how this 50MHz half-bridge GaN driver’s adjustable dead time control can be optimized to reduce system losses in high speed designs.

GaN Blog posts

From application-based topics to solving design challenges, read the latest GaN blogs to keep up with the latest trends.

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