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5-85 MHz 24-bit Color FPD-Link III Deserializer with Bidirectional Control Channel



The DS90UB926Q-Q1 deserializer, in conjunction with the DS90UB925Q-Q1 serializer, provides a complete digital interface for concurrent transmission of high-speed video, audio, and control data for automotive display and image-sensing applications.

This chipset translates a parallel RGB video interface into a single-pair high-speed serialized interface. The serial bus scheme, FPD-Link III, supports full duplex of high-speed forward data transmission and low-speed backchannel communication over a single differential link. Consolidation of video data and control over a single differential pair reduces the interconnect size and weight, while also eliminating skew issues and simplifying system design.

The DS90UB926Q-Q1 deserializer recovers the RGB data, three video control signals, and four synchronized I2S audio signals. The device extracts the clock from a high-speed serial stream. An output LOCK pin provides the link status if the incoming data stream is locked, without the use of a training sequence or special SYNC patterns, as well as a reference clock.

The DS90UB926Q-Q1 deserializer has a 31-bit parallel LVCMOS output interface to accommodate the RGB, video control, and audio data.

An adaptive equalizer optimizes the maximum cable reach. EMI is minimized by output SSC generation (SSCG) and enhanced progressive turnon (EPTO) features.


  • AEC-Q100 Qualified for Automotive Applications
    • Device Temperature Grade 2: –40°C to +105°C Ambient Operating Temperature
    • Device HBM ESD Classification Level 3B
    • Device CDM ESD Classification Level C6
    • Device MM ESD Classification Level M3
  • Bidirectional Control Interface Channel Interface With I2C-Compatible Serial Control Bus
  • Supports High-Definition (720p) Digital Video Format
  • RGB888 + VS, HS, DE and Synchronized I2S Audio Supported
  • 5- to 85-MHz PCLK Supported
  • Single 3.3-V Operation With 1.8-V or 3.3-V Compatible LVCMOS I/O Interface
  • AC-Coupled STP Interconnect up to 10 Meters
  • Parallel LVCMOS Video Outputs
  • I2C-Compatible Serial Control Bus for Configuration
  • DC-Balanced and Scrambled Data With Embedded Clock
  • Adaptive Cable Equalization
  • Supports Repeater Application
  • @ SPEED Link BIST Mode and LOCK Status Pin
  • Image Enhancement (White Balance and Dithering) and Internal Pattern Generation
  • EMI Minimization (SSCG and EPTO)
  • Low Power Modes Minimize Power Dissipation
  • Backward-Compatible With FPD-Link II

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Color depth (bpp)
Pixel clock min (MHz)
Pixel clock (Max) (MHz)
Input compatibility
Output compatibility
Signal Conditioning
EMI reduction
Total Throughput (Mbps)
Operating temperature range (C)
Package Group
Package size: mm2:W x L (PKG)
DS90UB926Q-Q1 DS90UB928Q-Q1
Deserializer     Deserializer    
24     24    
5     5    
85     85    
I2C Config
I2S Audio    
Dedicated GPIO
I2C Config
I2S Surround Audio
Pattern Generator    
Adaptive Equalizer     Adaptive Equalizer    
Staggered Outputs    
BIST     BIST    
2040     2040    
Automotive     Automotive    
-40 to 105     -40 to 105    
WQFN | 60     WQFN | 48    
60WQFN: 81 mm2: 9 x 9 (WQFN | 60)     48WQFN: 49 mm2: 7 x 7 (WQFN | 48)