DS90UB953-Q1 2 MP MIPI® CSI-2 FPD-Link III serializer for 2MP/60fps cameras & radar | TI.com


2 MP MIPI® CSI-2 FPD-Link III serializer for 2MP/60fps cameras & radar



The DS90UB953-Q1 serializer is part of TI’s FPD-Link III device family designed to support high-speed raw data sensors including 2MP imagers at 60-fps and as well as 4MP, 30-fps cameras, satellite RADAR, LIDAR, and Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensors. The chip delivers a 4.16-Gbps forward channel and an ultra-low latency, 50-Mbps bidirectional control channel and supports power over a single coax (PoC) or STP cable. The DS90UB953-Q1 features advanced data protection and diagnostic features to support ADAS and autonomous driving. Together with a companion deserializer, the DS90UB953-Q1 delivers precise multi-camera sensor clock and sensor synchronization.

The DS90UB953-Q1 is fully AEC-Q100 qualified with a –40°C to 105°C wide temperature range. The serializer comes in a small 5-mm × 5-mm VQFN package for space-constrained sensor applications.


  • AEC-Q100 Qualified for Automotive Applications:
    • Device Temperature Grade 2: –40°C to +105°C Ambient Operating Temperature
  • ISO 10605 and IEC 61000-4-2 ESD Compliant
  • Power-over-Coax (PoC) Compatible Transceiver
  • 4.16-Gbps Grade Serializer Supports High-Speed Sensors Including Full HD 1080p 2MP 60-fps and 4MP 30-fps Imagers
  • D-PHY v1.2 and CSI-2 v1.3 Compliant System Interface
    • Up to 4 Data Lanes at 832 Mbps Per Each Lane
    • Supports up to Four Virtual Channels
  • Precision Multi-Camera Clocking and Synchronization
  • Flexible Programmable Output Clock Generator
  • Advanced Data Protection and Diagnostics Including CRC Data Protection, Sensor Data Integrity Check, I2C Write Protection, Voltage and Temperature Measurement, Programmable Alarm, and Line Fault Detection
  • Supports Single-Ended Coaxial or Shielded-Twisted-Pair (STP) Cable
  • Ultra-Low Latency Bidirectional I2C and GPIO Control Channel Enables ISP Control From ECU
  • Single 1.8-V Power Supply
  • Low (0.25 W Typical) Power Consumption
  • Compatible With DS90UB954-Q1, DS90UB960-Q1, DS90UB934-Q1, DS90UB914A-Q1 Deserializers
  • Wide Temperature Range: –40°C to 105°C
  • Small 5-mm × 5-mm VQFN Package and PoC Solution Size for Compact Camera Module Designs

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Color depth (bpp)
Pixel clock min (MHz)
Pixel clock (Max) (MHz)
Input compatibility
Output compatibility
Signal Conditioning
EMI reduction
Total Throughput (Mbps)
Operating temperature range (C)
Package Group
Package size: mm2:W x L (PKG)
DS90UB953-Q1 DS90UB933-Q1 DS90UB935-Q1
Serializer     Serializer     Serializer    
12     12     12    
37.5     37.5     25    
100     100     100    
MIPI CSI-2     LVCMOS     MIPI CSI-2    
Flexible GPIO
I2C Config
Pattern Generator
Coax or STP    
I2C Config
4 Dedicated GPIO
Pattern Generation
Coax or STP    
Dedicated GPIO
FPD-Link III Coax
I2C Config
Pattern Generator
Coax or STP    
DC Balance     DC Balance     DC Balance    
LVDS     LVDS     LVDS    
BIST     BIST     BIST    
3328     1600     2258    
Automotive     Automotive     Automotive    
-40 to 105     -40 to 105     -40 to 105    
VQFN | 32     WQFN | 32     VQFN | 32    
32VQFN: 25 mm2: 5 x 5 (VQFN | 32)     32WQFN: 25 mm2: 5 x 5 (WQFN | 32)     32VQFN: 25 mm2: 5 x 5 (VQFN | 32)