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Reference Designs

Description Part Number Company Tool Type
CC1101EM 315 and 433MHz Reference Design CC1101EM433_REFDES Texas Instruments Reference Designs
CC1101EM 868 and 915MHz Reference Design CC1101EM868-915_REFDES Texas Instruments Reference Designs
CC1110EM 315MHz Reference Design CC1110EM315_REFDES Texas Instruments Reference Designs
CC1110EM 433MHz Reference Design CC1110EM433_REFDES Texas Instruments Reference Designs
CC2500 Reference Design (62 mil layer spacing) CC2500_REFDES_062 Texas Instruments Reference Designs
CC2500EM Reference Design CC2500EM_REFDES Texas Instruments Reference Designs
CC2510EM Reference Design CC2510EM_REFDES Texas Instruments Reference Designs


A Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) is a portable computing machine. Like a notebook PC (and in contrast to an embedded portable system such as a GPS, medical, test device), the PDA can run a wide variety of applications. The core subsystems include:

  • Processor/Memory: The processor runs applications stored in memory. The OS is stored in non-volatile memory such as NAND/NOR Flash. Application code and data may be loaded in SDRAM or SRAM.
  • User Interface: Allows user to input data to the PDA using input commands via touch screen or keypad. Video, pictures, internet, applications are displayed on a small LCD screen or sometimes can be displayed on a larger screen via a TV or projector connection. Audio can be output through the headphone connection, external audio out jacks, or possibly built-in speakers. Newer generation TI audio codecs process sound with better audio quality and longer battery life.
  • Connectivity: Allows PDA to connect to other peripherals, such as PCs via USB or Wireless LAN, headsets via Bluetooth, TVs or monitors via TV out, S-Video, or HDMI transceivers, memory cards via MMC/SD.
  • Power Management Unit: Integrates an audio/video codec, a High-Speed USB transceiver, a keypad controller, battery management, and an on-board power manager that monitors use of various functional blocks and shuts down or reduces power per application demand.
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HTM 9 KB 21 Sep 2009 3414

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PDF 5.43 MB 15 Dec 2011 3731

Tools and Software

Name Part # Company Software/Tool Type
Code Composer Studio (CCS) Integrated Development Environment (IDE) CCSTUDIO Texas Instruments SW Development Tools, IDEs, Compilers

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PDF 147 KB 10 Jun 2009 584

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