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An Innovative High Bay LED Lighting Solution

Check out a cooler, intelligent high bay LED lighting solution that provides the greatest power efficiency, power factor correction, and the flexibility to control multiple strings from a single architecture.

Key Solution Features:

  • Industry leading lumens/watt (efficacy)
  • Universal AC Input 90Vac to 277Vac
    • Greater than 0.97 Power Factor
  • Easy-to-implement multi-string LED array driver
    • Ensures consistent light output and color 
  • Regulated and dimmable current with reliable thermal profile
  • Variable lighting patterns

Featured Products: 

Download datasheets, order samples and tools
  • UCC28810 - Active PFC LED Power Controller
  • TPS92020 – Resonant Switching LED Driver Controller
  • LM3409HV – Constant Current Buck LED Driver
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