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Isolated Interface Solution

Check out this isolated interface solution that delivers accurately regulated rails for primary and secondary supplies to TI’s PROFIBUS and CAN transceivers without costly opto-coupler feedback circuits – making this the simplest, most efficient and flexible isolated interface solution for industrial automation on the market today.

Key Solution Features:

  • Enable, Soft-start and Fault functions of TPS55010 provides full MCU control of communications interface power-up/down functions -- maximizing power savings
  • Adjustable, high switching frequency increases efficiency, decreases solution size and allows avoidance of sensitive frequency bands
  • Galvanic insulation technology used in TI’s isolated PROFIBUS and CAN Transceivers provide proven reliability and stability over time, temperature and moisture

Product Information: 

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  • TPS55010 – 2.95 V to 6 V Input, 2 W, Isolated DC/DC converter with Integrated FETS
  • ISO1176 – Isolated PROFIBUS RS-485 transceiver
  • ISO1050 – Isolated 5-V CAN transceiver

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