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Traction inverter: Range or acceleration?
Traction inverter and motor control systems are critical to enable optimal electric vehicle (EV) performance. To build the next generation of these systems, design engineers must reduce power losses and improve system efficiency to make EVs more reliable, increase drive range and enhance safety. Traction inverter and motor control systems require high computational performance coupled with control features, like those from our embedded processing chips, to work in concert with our isolated gate driver, bias supply and current and voltage sensing technologies. Dynamic output current control allows usage of wide bandgap technology such as silicon carbide (SiC). Our products enable EVs to maintain ideal motor torque while improving overall system efficiency.

Why choose TI for traction inverter & motor control systems?


Double the speed of your motor

Achieve longer drive range and a smooth driving experience with a fast control loop that helps to minimize torque ripple and provides smooth speed and torque current profiles to the traction motor.


Improve efficiency and system power density

Enable wide bandgap technology to design higher power systems in the same footprint and weight and gain efficiency across temperature, speed and torque to increase the drive range of the vehicle.


Reduce failure rate and extend inverter lifetime

Enhance system reliability with reinforced rated capacitive isolation technology and early failure detection. Streamline functional safety compliance up to ASIL D with our resources and expertise.

Enabling technologies

Isolated gate drivers

The gate driver provides galvanic isolation between input and output, drives the SiC or IGBT-based three-phase motor half bridges and enables monitoring of and protection against various fault conditions.


  • Improve system-level efficiency: minimize switching and conduction losses that include turnon and turnoff energy.
  • Increase power density: high drive strength helps lower the gate driver’s case temperature, mitigating the need for more expensive heat sinks or additional PCB ground. 
  • Enhance reliability and safety: integrated IGBT/SiC health monitoring identifies early failures in power switches. Optimized diagnostics support highest functional safety rating (up to ASIL-D). 
Technical article
How to maximize SiC traction inverter efficiency with real-time variable gate drive strength
In this article, we will discuss the benefits of real-time variable gate-drive strength, a new feature that enables designers to optimize system parameters such as efficiency and SiC overshoot.
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Improving safety in EV traction inverter systems
In this article, learn how electric-vehicle designers can increase the safety and reliability of traction inverter systems by monitoring the gate voltage threshold.
Technical article
Reducing power loss and thermal dissipation in SiC traction inverters
Learn how an isolated gate driver with high-current and real-time variable current strength can reduce SiC MOSFET power losses, enable faster switching frequencies and higher efficiency to help improve EV model drive range.
Featured products for IGBT & SiC control
NEW UCC5880-Q1 PREVIEW Automotive, 20-A, isolated real-time variable IGBT/SiC MOSFET gate driver with advanced protection

Real-time control MCUs

Enable new architectures in the next generation of electrified vehicles with high-performance real-time control MCUs. These capabilities with < 4-us control loops (including resolver) and compute performance of 3.2k DMIPS enable:

  • Increased driving range: Higher motor speeds (>20,000 RPM) reduce motor size and can extend driving distance per charge.
  • Improved power density and efficiency: Better control loop bandwidth use and support for higher switching frequencies (>20kHz) unlocks the potential to use wide-bandgap technologies such as silicon carbide (SiC). 
  • Streamlined functional safety certification: Functional safety features enable up to ASIL-D/SIL3 compliance, E-Safety Vehicle Intrusion Protected Applications (EVITA) and AUTOSAR support.
Technical article
How MCUs can unlock the full potential of electrification designs
Read how high-performance real-time MCUs can help reduce size and weight of the motor to increase drive range and help make EVs more affordable.
Application note
AM263x for Traction Inverters
This application note describes an inverter software framework based on AM263x real time control module to help reduce the software development time.
ASIL D safety concept-assessed high-speed traction, bi-directional DC/DC conversion reference design
This reference design demonstrates control of HEV/EV traction inverter and bi-directional DC-DC converter by a single TMS320F28388D real-time C2000™ MCU.
Featured products for microcontrollers
AM2634-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive quad-core Arm® Cortex®-R5F MCU up to 400 MHz with real-time control and security
TMS320F280039C-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive C2000™ 32-bit MCU 120-MHz 384-KB flash, FPU, TMU with CLA, CLB, AES and CAN-FD
TMS320F28386D-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive C2000™ 32-bit MCU w/ connectivity manager, 2x C28x+CLA CPU, 1.5MB flash, FPU64, CLB, Eth

The right bias power supply solution

Optimize system cost while improving power density and efficiency to meet your system requirements. Choose from a comprehensive portfolio of devices with integrated FETs and magnetics, or integrated FETs and external magnetics and external FETs and external magnetics.


  • Improve power density and efficiency with small footprint, >150V/ns CMTI, and superior EMI performance.
  • Streamline functional safety with ISO26262 compliance and system level diagnostics and protection.
  • Protect power modules with high load regulation accuracy and thermal performance.
White paper
Power Through the Isolation Barrier: The Landscape of Isolated DC/DC Bias Power (Rev. A)
Read how to power through the isolation barrier of the landscape of isolated DC/DC bias power supplies.
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Driving next-generation EV systems with a distributed architecture
In this article, read how to enable the highest power density for your isolated gate driver bias supply with the industry’s smallest and most accurate isolated DC/DC module.
Application note
Designing a Robust Traction Inverter Redundant Power Supply From 800 V Battery (Rev. C)
Learn how to increase traction inverter system robustness with HV-to-LV backup supply.
Featured products for bias power supply
NEW UCC14240-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive, 2.0-W, 24-Vin, 25-Vout high-density > 3-kVRMS isolated DC/DC module
LM25184-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive 42-VIN no-opto flyback converter with 65-V, 4.1-A integrated MOSFET
NEW UCC14141-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive, 1.5-W, 12-Vin, 25-Vout high-density > 5-kVRMS isolated DC/DC module

Position sensing, isolated voltage and current sensing

Achieve accurate, low-latency current and voltage measurements with high common-mode transient immunity (CMTI) and working voltages, thereby improving system efficiency, reliability and performance of traction inverter systems.


  • State-of-the-art capacitive isolation enhances safety and lowers system cost.
  • Isolation amplifiers and modulators offer high bandwidth for faster control and reaction time that enables higher system reliability and better performance.
  • High power amplifiers specifically designed for resolver excitation reduce the PCB footprint and eliminate the need for external protection.
Analog Design Journal
Using isolated comparators for fault detection in electric motor drives
Learn how to use isolated comparators for fault detection in electric motor drives.
Technical article
Improve efficiency in your HEV/EV resolver
Read about the benefits of using resolvers in HEV/EV motor control applications as they can operate in harsh environments, withstand high temperatures and provide accurate measurements.
Featured products for sensing
AMC1301-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive Precision ±250mV-Input 3µs-Delay Reinforced Isolated Amplifier
AMC1311-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive, 2-V input, precision voltage sensing reinforced isolated amplifier
ALM2403-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive, dual-channel, high-voltage, power op amp with low distortion for resolver applications

Streamline your functional safety system certification

Meet the rigorous requirements of functional safety standards, such as ISO 26262, with our analog and embedded processing products. In addition to our functional safety-certified engineers, available documentation and resources such as functional safety Failures In Time (FIT) rate, Failure modes, effects, and diagnostic analysis (FMEDA), safety certificates and software diagnostics libraries help you streamline the certification process.

Technical article
Understanding functional safety for gate drivers and traction inverter systems
In this article, we provide a general introduction to functional safety, along with examples relating to our gate drivers and electric vehicle traction inverter systems.
White paper
Understanding Functional Safety FIT Base Failure Rate Estimates per IEC 623801
Learn how to understand functional safety FIT base failure rate estimates per IEC 62380 and SN 29500.
Functional safety information
Streamlining Functional Safety Certification in Automotive and Industrial
Whether you are designing for the factory floor or the highway, this white paper explains how we approach designing integrated circuits (ICs) and provides the resources needed to streamline your functional safety design.
Featured products for functional safety
AM2634-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive quad-core Arm® Cortex®-R5F MCU up to 400 MHz with real-time control and security
NEW UCC5880-Q1 PREVIEW Automotive, 20-A, isolated real-time variable IGBT/SiC MOSFET gate driver with advanced protection

Reference designs related to HEV/EV inverter & motor control

Use our reference design selection tool to find designs that best match your application and parameters.

“Traction inverter and motor control systems must meet rigorous requirements for functional safety. We provide a broad functional safety product portfolio along with expertise and tools to help simplify and accelerate your design process.”
– Heinz-Peter Beckemeyer | Texas Instruments Director, Functional Safety Marketing

Featured products

NEW Isolated gate drivers UCC5880-Q1 PREVIEW Automotive, 20-A, isolated real-time variable IGBT/SiC MOSFET gate driver with advanced protection
Arm Cortex-R MCUs AM2634-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive quad-core Arm® Cortex®-R5F MCU up to 400 MHz with real-time control and security
NEW Isolated DC/DC converters & modules UCC14240-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive, 2.0-W, 24-Vin, 25-Vout high-density > 3-kVRMS isolated DC/DC module
Isolated comparators AMC23C12-Q1 ACTIVE Automotive, fast-response, reinforced, isolated window comparator with adjustable threshold
12 Sep 2022 | COMPANY BLOG

Semiconductor innovations in next-generation traction inverters will help drive electric vehicle performance further, making them even more fun to drive.

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High-performance, high-power SiC-based traction inverter system
The 800-V, 300kW SiC-based traction inverter system solution demonstrates how the traction inverter system technology improves system efficiency.
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White paper
Traction Inverters – A Driving Force Behind Vehicle Electrification
This white paper explores how system design can enable faster motor speeds, higher efficiency and a smaller system size while maintaining power density.
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White paper
Design Priorities in EV Traction Inverter With Optimum Performance (Rev. A)
This white paper explores key systems trends, architecture and technology to enable high-performance traction inverter systems including isolation, high-voltage domain and low-voltage domain technology.
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