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Local sensor accuracy (Max) (+/- C) 0.5 Type Local Operating temperature range (C) -50 to 150 Supply voltage (Min) (V) 2 Interface type Pulse Count Supply voltage (Max) (V) 5.5 Supply current (Max) (uA) 39 Temp resolution (Max) (bits) 13 Remote channels (#) 0 Addresses NA Rating Catalog open-in-new Find other Digital temperature sensors

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TO-92 (LPG) 2 6 mm² 4 x 1.52 WSON (DQX) 2 WSON (DQX) 2 3 mm² 2 x 1.7 open-in-new Find other Digital temperature sensors


  • High Accuracy Over –50°C to 150°C Wide Temperature Range
    • –20°C to 90°C: ±0.5°C (Maximum)
    • 90°C to 150°C: ±0.625°C (Maximum)
    • –50°C to –20°C: ±0.7°C (Maximum)
  • Precision Digital Temperature Measurement Simplified in a 2-Pin Package
  • Pulse Count Current Loop Easily Read by Processor. Number of Output Pulses is Proportional to Temperature With 0.0625°C Resolution
  • Communication Frequency: 88 kHz
  • Conversion Current: 34 µA
  • Continuous Conversion Plus Data-Transmission Period: 100 ms
  • Floating 2-V to 5.5-V (VP–VN) Supply Operation With Integrated EMI Immunity
  • Multiple 2-Pin Package Offerings: TO-92/LPG (3.1 mm × 4 mm × 1.5 mm) – ½ the Size of Traditional TO-92 and WSON With Wettable Flanks
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The LMT01 device is a high-accuracy, 2-pin temperature sensor with an easy-to-use pulse count current loop interface, which makes it suitable for onboard and offboard applications in automotive, industrial, and consumer markets. The LMT01 digital pulse count output and high accuracy over a wide temperature range allow pairing with any MCU without concern for integrated ADC quality or availability, while minimizing software overhead. TI’s LMT01 device achieves a maximum ±0.5°C accuracy with very fine resolution (0.0625°C) over a temperature range of –20°C to 90°C without system calibration or hardware and software compensation.

The LMT01’s pulse count interface is designed to directly interface with a GPIO or comparator input, thereby simplifying hardware implementation. Similarly, the LMT01’s integrated EMI suppression and simple 2-pin architecture makes it suitable for onboard and offboard temperature sensing in a noisy environment. The LMT01 device can be easily converted into a two-wire temperature probe with a wire length up to two meters. See LMT01-Q1 for the automotive qualified version.

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* Data sheet LMT01 0.5°C Accurate 2-Pin Digital Output Temperature Sensor With Pulse Count Interface datasheet (Rev. D) Jun. 01, 2018
Technical article How to choose the right thermistor for your temperature sensing application Feb. 13, 2020
Technical article How to enable thermal safety for automotive infotainment and cluster systems Oct. 15, 2019
Technical article Driving industrial innovation with small-size sensors Sep. 12, 2019
Application note Temperature sensors: PCB guidelines for surface mount devices (Rev. A) Jan. 18, 2019
Technical article How to select a temperature sensor probe Feb. 18, 2016
User guide LMT01EVM User's Guide (Rev. A) Oct. 16, 2015
User guide LMT01EVM User's Guide Mar. 19, 2015

Design & development

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Hardware development

document-generic User guide

The LMT01EVM allows users to evaluate the performance of the LMT01 2-pin digital temperature sensor. The EVM comes in a USB stick form factor package with an onboard MSP430F5528 microcontroller that interfaces with the host computer's USB port and the LMT01 device. The EVM features perforated (...)

  • Evaluate LMT01 2-pin digital temperature sensor performance           
  • Perforated slots allows user to break apart LMT01 device from the EVM           
  • EVM comes in a USB stick form factor           
  • Easy to use GUI           

Software development

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SNIC011A.ZIP (176220 KB)
SNIC013.ZIP (2976 KB)

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RTD replacement for cold junction compensation reference design in a temperature sensor
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CAD/CAE symbols

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Ordering & quality

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  • Lead finish/Ball material
  • MSL rating/Peak reflow
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