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Automotive, low-drift, low-power, small-footprint series voltage reference

NEW - Custom reel may be available
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Quality information

RoHS Yes
Lead finish / Ball material NIPDAUAG
MSL rating / Peak reflow Level-2-260C-1 YEAR
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Packaging information

Package | Pins Package qty | Carrier Operating temperature range (°C)
SOT-23 (DBV) | 6 3,000 | LARGE T&R
Custom reel may be available
-40 to 125
Package | Pins SOT-23 (DBV) | 6
Package qty | Carrier 3,000 | LARGE T&R
Custom reel may be available
Operating temperature range (°C) -40 to 125
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Features for the REF34-Q1

  • AEC-Q100 qualified with the following results:
    • Device temperature grade 1: –40°C to +125°C ambient operating temperature
    • Device HBM ESD classification level 2
    • Device CDM ESD classification level C6
  • Initial accuracy: ±0.05% (maximum)
  • Temperature coefficient : 6 ppm/°C (maximum)
  • Operating temperature range: −40°C to +125°C
  • Output voltage options: 2.5V, 3.0V, 3.3V, 4.096V, 5.0V
  • Output current: ±10 mA
  • Low quiescent current: 95 µA (maximum)
  • Low shutdown mode current: 3 µA (maximum)
  • Wide input voltage: 12 V
  • Output 1/f noise (0.1 Hz to 10 Hz): 3.8 µVPP/V
  • Excellent long-term stability 25 ppm/1000 hrs
  • Available in 6-pin and 5-Pin SOT-23 package

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Description for the REF34-Q1

The REF34-Q1 devices are low-temperature-drift (6 ppm/°C), low-power, high-precision CMOS voltage references. The devices have ±0.05% initial accuracy and low operating current with power consumption less than 95 µA. These devices also offer very low output noise of 3.8 µVPP/V, which enable the devices to maintain high signal integrity with high-resolution data converters and noise critical systems.

Stability and system reliability are further improved by the low output-voltage hysteresis of these devices and low long-term output voltage drift. Furthermore, the small size and low operating current of the devices (95 µA) make them an excellent choise for battery-powered applications. The REF34-Q1 features an enable pin that can set the device into shutdown where it consumes a low stand by current (3 µA) to help with overall system power during standby.

The REF34-Q1 family is specified for the wide temperature range of −40°C to +125°C. Contact the TI sales representative for additional voltage options.


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