TI Solar Solutions Increase Energy Yield and System Efficiency

TI’s comprehensive portfolio can deliver key components for the entire solar system. A broad selection of analog, power management and microcontroller ICs are targeted at grid-tied PV panel integrated smart junction boxes, central inverters, micro-converters and micro-inverters, as well as off-grid battery charging and inverter solutions, to achieve the highest possible system efficiency and lifetime energy yield.

With C2000 Real-time Control microcontrollers, which are uniquely suited for solar power applications, solar systems can extract more energy from the sun through advanced power conversion and maximum power point tracking (MPPT) performance. Whether the system feeds power back to the grid, charges a battery or both, C2000 Real-time Control MCUs provide the power conversion control to most efficiently extract and deliver energy. DSP- and ARM®-based MCUs also provide system control and support communication technologies including power line communications (PLC), Ethernet, CAN bus, and low-power RF solutions such as ZigBee®. A variety of power management ICs can provide auxiliary bias supplies from either the DC or AC power rails.

TI’s portfolio of high-performance analog ICs provide ideal front ends for DC ARC fault detection and power line communications; isolation to sensitive communications electronics; and relay drivers or power switches for islanding in systems requiring UL1741 compliance.  The smart bypass diode is a dedicated IC for the PV panels, replacing conventional Schottky diodes in the junction box to enable the next generation of high efficiency solar panels to operate at safe temperatures and increase the lifetime energy yield of the system.