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TI’s automotive portfolio includes analog and connectivity solutions, DLP® displays, ADAS and infotainment processors, and safety MCUs and parts compliant with AEC-Q100 and TS16949 standards, and SafeTI™ product compliant with ISO 26262.


Automotive - End Equipment

From headlights to taillights and all systems in between, Texas Instruments (TI) offers a wide range of innovative technologies for the modern automobile. From solutions in infotainment, critical active and passive safety and advanced driver assistance systems to emerging solutions for hybrid/electric power train systems and wireless connectivity technology, TI is changing the way the industry thinks of mobile innovation.

TI Designs: Reference Designs

TI Designs Reference Design Library is a robust reference design library spanning analog, embedded processor and connectivity. Created by TI experts to help you jump start your system design, all TI Designs include schematic or block diagrams, BOMs and design files to speed your time to market. Search and download designs at ti.com/tidesigns

Cranking Simulator for Automotive Applications

This design is a cranking simulator which generates three different cranking pulses to test automotive systems up to 50W. A microcontroller sets the output voltage of a synchronous buck in the range of 2-15V accordingly to the programmed curves. Output current is in the range of 3.3-25A. It is a (...)

Updated 16 Apr 2014

High-Definition (HD) Automotive SerDes w/ OpenLDI Interface over twisted pair for TFT LCD Displays

The TIDA-00131 reference design is a high speed serial video interface to connect a remote automotive TFT LCD display with 720px60 format and Open LDI (LVDS) Interface to a video processing system. It uses TI's FPD-Link III SerDes technology to transmit uncompressed video data (with Content (...)

Updated 16 Apr 2014

Complete Bluetooth wireless audio communication system - Headset and Handsfree

This reference design offers a complete wireless audio solution using the fully certified LMX9838 Bluetooth module. With Bluetooth Headset and Handsfree profiles implemented, the design is perfect for mono audio communication and control. With the support of an orderable evaluation module, built-in (...)

Updated 14 Apr 2014

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