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TI’s automotive portfolio includes analog and connectivity solutions, DLP® displays, ADAS and infotainment processors, and safety MCUs and parts compliant with AEC-Q100 and TS16949 standards, and SafeTI™ product compliant with ISO 26262.


Automotive - End Equipment

From headlights to taillights and all systems in between, Texas Instruments (TI) offers a wide range of innovative technologies for the modern automobile. From solutions in infotainment, critical active and passive safety and advanced driver assistance systems to emerging solutions for hybrid/electric power train systems and wireless connectivity technology, TI is changing the way the industry thinks of mobile innovation.

TI Designs: Reference Designs

TI Designs Reference Design Library is a robust reference design library spanning analog, embedded processor and connectivity. Created by TI experts to help you jump start your system design, all TI Designs include schematic or block diagrams, BOMs and design files to speed your time to market. Search and download designs at ti.com/tidesigns

Automotive Acoustic Knock Sensor Interface

This TIDA-00152 reference design utilizes a dual-channel, signal processing IC for detection of premature detonation in combustion (gasoline) engines. The heart of this design is the TPIC8101 that serves as an interface between acoustical sensors or accelerometers and automobile engine management (...)

Updated 11 Apr 2014

Automotive High Current Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor Drive

This TIDA-00142 reference design implements a complete control and drive solution for 3-phase brushless DC motors up to about 3 kW in power rating.  The design includes analog circuits, digital processor, and software to spin BLDC motors without the need for position feedback from Hall effect (...)

Updated 10 Apr 2014

CISPR 25 Class 5 Rated 6.6W Automotive Power Design

The PMP9398 reference design is a conducted EMI optimized 6.6W power supply design for automotive application. It features the SIMPLE SWITCHER® LM46002 synchronous buck regulator and provides a 3.3V, max 2A output. The input voltage range is 4.5V to 60V suitable for 12V automotive battery (...)

Updated 09 Apr 2014

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