Smart Grid & Energy

Smart grid and energy system solutions include a broad portfolio of silicon, software and tools for grid infrastructure, utility metering, and wired or wireless grid communication.


Smart Grid & Energy Solutions

Following on two decades of semiconductor innovation while delivering millions of integrated circuits (IC’s) to the energy industry, Texas Instruments is the global semiconductor manufacturer that experts rely on for innovative, secure, economical and future-proof solutions for the world’s smart grid. TI offers the industry’s broadest portfolio of metrology expertise, application processors, analog components and communication technology in readily available silicon with advanced software, tools and support for compliant solutions in grid infrastructure, utility meters and smart grid communication technology.

Smart  Grid Solutions Guide What's New for Smart Grid

Smart  Grid Solutions Guide Smart Grid Solutions

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TI Designs
See new reference designs for Smarter Grid and Energy Solutions

  • Metering
  • Grid Infrastructure
  • Power Line Communications (PLC)
  • Renewable & Alternative Energy
  • Innovative Products Meet Industry Needs
    • Leading-edge solutions are subjected to extensive research and development.
    • Dependable and secure solutions offer benefits such as longevity, anti-tamper protection, encryption and authentication.
  • Complete End-to-End Solutions at the System and Sub-System level
    • TI solves customer problems leveraging a large and scalable portfolio of complementary components.
    • TI products include readily available hardware, software, tools and reference designs, plus knowledgeable expertise provided by worldwide sales support.
  • Long-Term Reliability in Future-Proofs Systems
    • TI provides far-reaching roadmaps and multi-sourced continuity of global supply for long product lifecycles and manufacturing reliability
    • TI reaches across all continents to meet worldwide standards for ongoing compliance through solutions such as upgradable in-system programmable flash memory to support evolving trends
  • Economical Pricing Competes in Cost-Sensitive Markets
    • TI leverages a global development and manufacturing presence to provide optimal pricing and supply for every regional need
    • Partnering with TI insures reliable, economical and robust silicon options for every industrial energy system, with hardware, software and SoCs tailored to functional requirements.

Featured benefits that speed your design cycle with TI’s flexible solutions:

  • Available standards include IEC, ANSI, ZigBee®, Wireless M-Bus (wM-Bus), PLC and 6LoWPAN
  • Scalable for optimization of system requirements and future deployments
  • Optimized electricity-meter SoC (MSP430™)
  • Flexible applications-processor SoC (LM4F1x)
  • Dedicated MCU peripheral for flow meter rotation detection
  • High performance for graphical user interfaces (AM335x Sitara™ ARM® MPU and Tiva™ C Series TM4C123x)
  • Optimized, low-power radio SoC (CC1101/CC1120 ISM)
  • Flexible power line communication processors (TMS320F28PLCxx)
  • Secure RFID prepayment (TRF79xx, TMS37xx)
  • Complementary interface and power management
  • Cost-effective integration and volume manufacturing
  • Compliance with wM-Bus and 802.15.4g
  • Compliance with future worldwide security requirements